Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set Review, Cars Get Smaller and Faster

Nano Super Vert Crash Set

Nano Super Vert Crash Set

There seems to be an arms race going on with toy cars.  At the rate this arms race is going, soon cars will be the size of a grain of rice and create a sonic boom when you play with them.  Toy race cars have been going from normal sized to small to mini to micro.  As these cars get smaller, speed has been increasing as well.  We first saw 150 MPH scale speed, then 500 MPH and this year even a few 600 MPH cars.  Now the Nano Speed Race Cars from Spin Master have smashed the micro car speed barrier, and they did it without batteries!

Nano Speed Race Cars, Crazy Small and Insanely Fast

The NanoSpeed micro race cars are just slightly over 1″ long and they can go an amazing 1500 MPH scale speed.  Nano Speed pull backs are powered by the enhanced NS-1500 motor to reach incredible scale speeds of up to 1500 MPH.  What do you do with all that speed?  Defy gravity of course in a vertical stunt set!  To try out the Nano Speed race cars we reviewed the Nano Super Vert Crash Set.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Nano Super Vert Crash Set -

What You Get With the Nano Super Vert Crash Set

Everything you saw in the video came in the Nano Super Vert Crash Set.  You get two Nano Speed micro race cars and all the tracks necessary to build the insane loops and inverted corkscrews you see in the video review.  While the Nano Speed cars do not use batteries, this set comes with the Motorized NS Mach Booster.  The grey block uses two D batteries and has two large spinning wheels that blast the Nano Speed racers through the track.

Setting up the Nano Super Vert Crash Set was simple and straightforward due to the fact that every track is numbered on each end.  So, when the instructions show for track end 3 to connect to track end 4, you just look on the bottom of the tracks, find the right numbers and snap them together.  You will need to have two D batteries, as batteries are not included.

The Fun Side of Incredibly Small and Fast Cars…

The Nano Speed race cars are so fast it is incredible to watch how quickly they race through the whole track.  In the video, we showed a number of slow motion shots and it was still hard to see the cars.  These nano race cars are really crazy fast!

The only thing more fun than watching a car race through this track is watching two cars crash on this track!  Put two cars on the track and it is only a matter of time before they meet up in one of the 5 crash zones, and when they do, get ready for the cars to go flying.  What kid doesn’t love to see two cars, each going 1500 MPH scale speed, crash?

The Frustrating Side of Incredibly Small and Fast Cars…

At points, the Nano Speed race cars can feel too light and too fast for their own good.  These are pull back cars with a very tightly wound NS-1500 motor.  If you do not release the cars just right, they can flip over and spin out.  There really is some skill involved in getting the cars launched and younger kids can have trouble with it.  If kids have problems with the pull back aspect of the Nano Speed race cars, they can just push them through the Motorized NS Mach Booster, as this is an easy way to get the cars racing around the track without frustration.

Beware, Nano Speed Race Cars May Become The Latest Land Mine for Parents

If your kids like the Nano Speed race cars, you may soon find your house covered in these little race cars.  While the Nano Super Vert Crash Set comes with two cars, they make over 60 different Nano Speeders.   There are a number of different series including Nano V8, Nano Off-Road, Nano Rods, Nano Super Car and Nano Utility.  At just over 1″ long, these may well become the latest obstacle that parents need to step over in a messy toy room in the dark of night.

Conclusion: Nano Super Vert Crash Set, High Speed, Mini-Crashing Fun

The Nano Speed race cars have raised the bar for micro race cars.  At just about 1″ long and topping out at 1500 MPH scale speed, the Nano Speed race cars are the clear winner in speed and micro size. At points, the light weight of the cars can be a real problem, as they can be hard to start without spinning and flipping out.  The toy is rated for ages 6+, but we think 6 and 7 year olds will have a hard time getting the racers started.  Older kids, who love high speed racing and crashing, will enjoy the action of the Nano Super Vert Crash Set.

More Information:

The Nano Super Vert Crash Set by Spin Master is rated ages 6+ and retails for $34.99

Purchase the Nano Super Vert Crash Set at Amazon.Com for $27

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