Fingers Meet Your New Best Friend, ISGLOVES, Bamboo Touchscreen Gloves

ISGLOVES, Gloves for your Touchscreen phone

ISGLOVES, Gloves for your Touchscreen phone

Let’s be honest, we have all become so dependent on our iPhones and other touchscreen phones and devices that we have a hard time functioning without them.  As we move into winter, we will risk frostbite, pulling off our gloves just to send a text, check email or search for remedies to frostbite.  For most of us, this is the great trade off of touchscreen phones, they need our bare fingers to touch the screen to work…even if it is -10 degrees out.

Luckily, I am not most of us.  I have been lucky enough to get my hands in the new ISGLOVES from FieTT.  The ISGLOVES are special gloves made of bamboo, conductive polyester and spandex…translation, these gloves allow you to  operate a touchscreen device which keeping your hands nice and warm and cozy.

Let’s Take a Quick Look At Our Video Review of  The ISGLOVES…

The ISGLOVES Are More Than Just a One Trick Pony

In our testing, we were able to accurately operate our iPhone 5 on a cold day while wearing the ISGLOVES.  The conductive polyester does the trick and you can operate a touchscreen with the same ease as you would if you were gloveless.

Thankfully the ISGLOVES do more than just allow you to operate your touchscreen device in cold weather.   The gloves are anti-bacteria, hypoallergenic and provide UV Protection.  In addition, the gloves look like “normal” gloves, and do NOT scream, “hey look at me, I’m a geek!

Your Excuse For Being Lazy This Winter Just Went Out The Window

Many parents and grandparents love using their iPhone when they run or exercise.  Some just listen to tunes as they run and others get hooked on all the fitness apps that track your every move.  As the weather turns cold and gloves become a necessity during outdoor exercise, iPhones become less of an option.  No one wants to stop running and take off a glove just to change songs.  Alas, not being able to use the iPhone in cold weather becomes a common excuse on why people exercise less in the winter.

Sorry slackers (and I put myself right in this category),  but ISGLOVES just killed off one of our favorite excuses.  The ISGLOVES are great for exercising in the winter.  In addition to the obvious advantage of being able to use our iPhone while wearing the gloves, they are also the perfect weight for exercise.  The ISGLOVES provide a good amount of protection from the elements and they are warm, but not too warm.

Conclusion: ISGLOVES Are Awesome Gloves, Unless You Run Into a Panda

It is hard to find anything wrong with the ISGLOVES.  We were able to very easily operate the iPhone while wearing the ISGLOVES.  The gloves fit snug, are warm – but also breath for comfort.  Throw in UV Protection, Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial – all at a $19 price point and it is hard to find a downside to these gloves.   The ISGLOVES are made with Bamboo, so if you encounter a wild Panda while on your morning run, I guess he could mistake your fingers for short Bamboo shoots? As long as you avoid Pandas, the ISGLOVES from FieTT are excellent gloves for people with touchscreen phones.

More Information:

ISGLOVES – Simple Black sell for about $19 at FieTT.Com

Looking for touchscreen gloves that you can wear in the deep cold? Visit the FieTT site as they provide some thicker ISGLOVES which have more protection from the cold.

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