The Quantum Scale Proves Less is More and Everything is Relative

Quantum Scale

Quantum Scale

As parents, there are certain things we know to be true, that sometimes our childless friends just don’t fully grasp.   When your 5 year old asks where babies come from, you paint in broad strokes, giving as little biological information as possible.  You know that less is more.  When you declare with great pride that you finally have your newborn sleeping through the night, because he now sleeps from 3am – 6am, every 3rd night, you understand that the concept of “through the night” is relative.

Now a company called Quantum Scale brings the concepts of “less is more” and “everything is relative” to a bathroom scale.   Yes, the Quantum Scale has “less” information than your normal scale, as it will not tell you your weight!  Embracing the awesomeness of  “everything is relative”, the Quantum Scale just tells you how much weight you have lost or gained since you first stepped on the scale.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Quantum Scale -

Knowing Your Weight Is Incredibly Overrated

Call me naive, but I used to think the point of a scale was to tell you how much you weighed.  After using the Quantum Scale for a while, I realized that knowing your weight is not very useful and probably harmful.   Think of it this way, let’s say you weigh 250 pounds and a healthy weight for you is 200 pounds.   You exercise, diet and do everything you can for a few months and lose 30 pounds.  Step on your “normal scale” and it will not say “great job, you dropped 30 pounds“.  No, that scale will flash the number 220, showing you are still 20 pounds overweight.  You get frustrated, fear ever stepping on the scale and probably dream about bringing the scale to life…just so you could kill it.

The Quantum Scale puts a whole different spin on the above scenario.  After losing 30 pounds you step on the Quantum Scale and see a big “- 30 LBS” on the display.  You feel great, your diet and exercise is rewarded and you stay motivated.  Let’s say you have a minor setback one week and gain 5 pounds, the Quantum Scale shows a big “- 25 LBS“, so you still feel positive that you are down 25 pounds from your starting weight.

This is the real genius of the Quantum Scale, it highlights the change in your weight, as opposed to your weight.

Will The Quantum Scale Really Help You Lose Weight?

Not if you keep raiding the kids’ Halloween candy!  If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know it can be both physically and mentally challenging.   You still need to diet and exercise but the Quantum Scale can help you with the mental side of weight loss.  Seeing negative numbers, no matter how many pounds overweight you still may be, is a huge motivational aide.

If you take a look at the Quantum Scale website you will see they have some decent research to show that people hate seeing their weight when they step on a scale.  In addition, the Quantum Scale has been featured on Dr Oz, The Today Show, Tyra and the Bonnie Hunt show.   There are no magic bullets when it comes to weight loss, but any tool that can give you an edge in the weight loss battle is a positive.

Conclusion:  The Quantum Scale Will End Your War With Your Scale

Once your scale stops telling you how much you weight and instead tells the story of your progress, you will no longer hate your scale and treat it as your enemy.   The Quantum Scale also is easy on the eyes and comes in 6 different colors.  One negative to the Quantum Scale is that only one person can use it – it would be great if you could have two or three different profiles so a few family members could use it.  Update - We have been informed that a multi-user version of the Quantum Scale is in the works, so this one negative will soon be removed!

The Quantum Scale is a product that doesn’t make much sense on paper.  How can a scale that doesn’t tell you your weight be of any use?  Once you step on the Quantum Scale, the light bulb goes on and you wonder where this scale has been your whole life.

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The Quantum Scale Sells for About $59.

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