The Totally Awesome 2012 Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway – Over $1,400 of The Best Toys of 2012

by nessel on November 16, 2012

Win $1,400 in The Best Toys for 2012

Be Free Toys….Be Free!!!

A Giveaway For the Grownups! This toy giveaway has ended, but if you are reading this before 12/13/12, you can still enter our $520 IOGEAR Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway. Enter to win awesome gadgets and gifts to make your movie night super cool. Ends 12/12

I am so excited that my kids just threatened to give me a timeout if I didn’t calm down. Deep breath-in….deep breath-out.  Okay, I will try to hold it together long enough to write this article.  Look, you know how much we love GOOD toys here at Dad Does.  In case you missed it, we recently published our Guide to The Best Toys of 2012 and it is packed with the most fun toys of the year.

What could be better than telling you which were the best toys to buy this holiday season?  Giving you the best toys this holiday season! Yes, put those wallets away before you hurt someone, your money is no good here.  We now present the -

The Totally Awesome 2012 Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway

What makes this toy giveaway so totally awesome?  How about this for starters…

  • Over $1,400 In Toys Will Be Given Away on 11/30/12
  • 25 Lucky Winners Will Get An Awesome Toy
  • Only Giving Away The Best Toys of 2012
  • Only Takes About 12 Seconds to Enter, Full Details Below
  • It Has The Word “Awesome” In The Title, So It Must Be Awesome…

On November 30th , 2012 – 8pm EST – We Are Giving Away The Best Toys of 2012!

Don’t wait, you can enter right now to win in our $1,400 Toy Giveaway. It just takes a few moments to enter and then we pick winners on 11/30/12.

At the bottom of this post we have the simple instructions on how you enter to win the over $1,400 in awesome toys, but first let’s wet your appetite by telling you what we are giving away.  Sorry, this might take a little while, did we mention we are giving away 25 awesome toys :)

#1. Holy Crap, How Did They Put All That Technology Into One Toy???

Air Hogs Battle Tracker

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Air Hogs Battle Tracker ($99 Value)

Air Hogs battle tracker

Let us simply explain what you get with the Air Hogs Battle Tracker.  First, you get a R/C helicopter that can fire little flying discs.  Next you get a robotic battle turret that can operate in one player or two player mode.  In one player, the battle turret automatically tracks the helicopter and fires missiles at the helicopter.  In two player mode, a second person controls the Battle Turret and tries to shoot down the helicopter.  The turret has a sensor, so if you hit it with a flying disc, you deactivate the turret and win the round.  Really, need I say any more?  If you have kids who like to fly and shoot, they will love the Air Hogs Battle Tracker.

Full Review (and video) of Air Hogs Battle Tracker  in Action

#2. Best Toy For Kids Who Want to Drive AND Fly

Air Hog Hover Assault

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Air Hogs Hover Assault ($49 Value)

Air Hogs Hover Assault

What to get your son for Christmas?  He likes cars, but he also likes planes and things that fly.  Or do you get him a blaster, since he loves shooting things.  Do you go with the R/C car, a R/C helicopter or a blaster?  YES!  With the Air Hogs Hover Assault, you don’t need to make a choice.  The R/C vehicle can drive like a car, but press a button and it flies like a helicopter.  Press another button and fire off one of the four missiles it is packing.  What is not to love about a Hover Assault vehicle?  This toy also proves, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Full Review (and video) of Air Hog Hover Assault In Action

#3. Proof You Don’t Need To Be a Musician to Be a Rocker

Rockboard Scooter

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Rockboard Scooter ($199 Value)

Rockboard Scooter

Kids growing bored of the standard 2 wheel kick scooter?  Spice things up this holiday season with the Rockboard Scooter – a 2 wheel scooter with an awesome twist.  No need to ever have your feet touch the ground on the Rockboard, simply rock back and forth on the platform and hold on as you zip along at 10 MPH. Kids and their parents (it can hold up to 200 pounds) will be amazed at how fun it is to scoot without a motor or kicking.

Full Review (and video) of The Rockboard Scooter in Action

#4. Best Way to Relive All Your Outdoor Fun

Action Shot Camera

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Action Shot Camera ($49 Value)

Action Shot Camera from Jakks Pacific

Playing outside is great, but let’s say you do an amazing 360 spin out with the FlashRider 360, but no one was there to see it. Did it really happen? Well, don’t fret about philosophical questions of existence, simply strap the Action Shot Camera to your head and capture all the cool tricks you do outside.  The Action Shot Digital Video Camera can be attached to a helmet, handle bars, the dog…basically anything you can think of…and takes video and photos.

Full Review (and video) of The Action Shot Camera by Jakks Pacific

#5. The Next Best Thing To Having Your Own Spy Drone

Wi-Spi Helicopter

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Wi-Spi Helicopter ($119 Value)

Wi Spi RC Helicopter

The Wi-Spi Intruder is great for ground level spying, but what about when you need eyes in the sky?  That is when you call in the Wi-Spi Helicopter.  With the R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter you fly indoors and outdoors (if there is no wind) and stream a live feed right to your iOS or Android device.  See something of interest?  Record the video and with a few clicks share with the world via Facebook or YouTube.   Think of the Wi-Spi Helicopter as your own personal spy drone…minus the deadly missiles.

Full review (and video) of the Wi-Spi Helicopter

#6. The Best Way to Spin, Spark and Grin Your Way to Happiness

Razor FlashRider 360

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One FlashRider 360 ($99 Value)

Flash Rider 360

Kids today.  They have their fancy iPads and video games, but I had my Big Wheel, and nothing they have today could top that – right?  Wrong!  The Razor FlashRider 360 looks somewhat like a Big Wheel, but the back wheels can spin 360 degrees which means you can do crazy spins, drifts and stunts with the Flash Rider 360.   Need some Bling? Slam the lever down and watch sparks fly from the spark bar.  Simply awesome outdoor fun – day or night!

Full Review (and video) of Razor Flash Rider 360

#7. Best Toy to Get a Future City Slicker

ZenWheels Micro Car

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One ZenWheels Micro Car ($89 Value)

ZenWheels Micro Car

Have older kids who have grown out of the “standard” RC cars?  Get them the ZenWheels Micro Car – it might look like other RC mini cars, but it controls like nothing we have ever seen!  The ZenWheels Micro Car offers real rack and pinion steering and precision control via an app on your iPhone.

Driving the ZenWheels Micro Car is like driving a real car…if you owned a super small real car.  With the precision controls you will be able to stop on a dime and parallel park – two skills that any future city driver will need to learn.  By the way, looking for a gift for the big kid in the house (aka Dad)?  The ZenWheels Micro Car is an awesome choice.

Full Review (and video) of ZenWheels Micro Car

#8. Best Spy Toy To Enhance Your Ground Game

EyeSpy SpyLinx

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One EyeSpy SkyLinx Set (2 communicators – $79 Value)

EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicator

Spy cars and spy helicopters are great, but sometimes you need feet on the ground for the most sensitive intel.  Get a pair of EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicators and put your ground game in action.  The SpyLinx are video walkie talkies that can send full color video, sound and text between the two communicators.  Don’t let the sun setting ruin your mission, the SpyLinx have night vision capabilities!

Full review (and video) of the EyeSpy SpyLinx

#9. Best R/C Toy For Kids Who Can Not Fly R/C Toys
Alien Technology ORB

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One R/C Alien ORB ($49 Value)


We used to think this cruel world was split in half.  In one group, you had the kids would could fly an R/C toy without constant crashing  - let’s call them the Chosen Ones.   In the other group you had the kids who seemingly were put on this planet to smash and crash every R/C toy they touched – let’s call them the Klutz group.

Now the UnCrashable Alien Technology ORB from EB Brands unites the Chosen Ones and the Klutzes.  Finally a R/C toy that anyone can fly.  Smash the Alien ORB into the ceiling – no problem.  Hit a wall – no problem.  The large ORB protects the propellers and let’s you just bump off walls and ceilings.    Long live Alien Technology!

Full review (and video) on the Alien ORB In Action

#10. Best Toy To Simulate a Super Power

SpyNet Ultra Vision Night Vision Goggles

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Goggles ($49 Value)

Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles

Sure, X-Ray vision would be the vision super power I would want…if they were giving out vision super powers.  If X-Ray vision was not available, being able to see in complete darkness would be a close second.  Now Jakks Pacific gives us the ability to see in total darkness with the SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Goggles.  While the goggles are marketed as a toy, don’t let that fool you – you really can see in total darkness with these wicked cool Night Vision goggles.

The SpyNet Ultra Vision goggles were around in 2011, but new for 2012 is the ability to record everything you see to a mini SD card.  This adds a great deal of spy value to the Night Vision goggles.  Stake out the kitchen at night and record Dad binging on your Halloween candy…not even total darkness can hide Dad’s evil ways now.

Full Review (and video) of the SpyNet Ultra Vision Goggles

#11. Best Blaster That Does More Than Just Blast

Launch N’ Attack Annihilator

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Launch N Attack Annihilator ($20 Value)

Launch N Attack Annihilator

Yes, Nerf is the name everyone thinks of when you mention foam dart blasters, but they are not the only game in town.  If you are tired of buying your kid dart blasters, that look identical to the dart blasters you bought them last year, breakout of the dart blaster rut with the Launch N’ Attack Annihilator by Citiwell International.

The Launch N’ Attack Annihilator is a blaster that fires foam darts, but it has one major twist…the ability to also launch a Heli disc in the air and shoot it down.  Pull the rip cord on the launcher, the Heli Disc flies 40 feet up and then practice your aim as you try to shoot it down with your 6 shot blaster.

Full review (and video) of the Launch N’ Attack Annihilator

#12. Top Toy For Kids Who Have Moved Beyond Foam Blasters

Vapor Delta 500 Blaster

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Vapor Delta 500 ($25 Value)

Vapor Delta 500 Blaster

Foam based blasters are great, but as kids get older, they want something with a little more…oomph!  The Vapor Delta 500 moves beyond foam and into the new world of gel ball based blasters.  The Vapor Delta 500 fires tiny gel balls over 80 feet and they break apart on impact.  With Gel Ball blasters, no more picking up the ammo, the gel balls are single use, which does mean these are outdoor toys.  Prepare for the gel ball invasion!

Full review (and video) of the Vapor Delta 500 Blaster

#13. Best Toy For Kids Who Have Moved On To Gel Ball Blasters

Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Xploderz X2 Mauler ($25 Value)

Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000

Xploderz started the gel ball invasion in 2011 with their original Xploderz blasters.  Now in 2012 they have revamped the technology with the X2 line of blasters such as the X2 Mauler 1000.  The new blasters have greater range and auto loading of ammo, for a faster battle experience.  In addition, Xploderz has some cool technology like glow in the dark gel balls for nighttime battles!  If your kids are ready to go head on into the world of gel ball blasters, the Xploderz line has some great options.

Full Review (and video) of the Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000

#14 and #15. Best Toy For Kids Who Find Flying Straight Too Boring

UDI U816 Quadcopter

What We Are Giving Away? Two Winners Will Each Get One UDI U816 Quadcopter ($110 Value)

UDI U816 Quadcopter

Why have one propeller when you can have four?  Why fly straight when you can do a 360 degree flip with the push of a button?  We love R/C helicopters, but we understand some kids are looking for more action than just flying up, down and around a room.  The UDI U816 Quadcopter has the incredible ability to do a full 360 degree flip with the push of a button.  In addition, the Quadcopter zips along at an incredible speed and can be flown indoors and outdoors.  One warning, the blades are fully exposed, so we would not recommend this for young kids.

Full review (and video) of the UDI U816 Quadcopter

#16. Best Toy For Future Nobel Prize Winners

Zometool Creator 1

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Zometool Creator 1 Set ($59 Value)

Zometool Creator 1

Let’s face it, your not getting any younger and the window for you to win a Nobel Prize is just about slammed shut.  This simply means the responsibility for representing the family falls to your kids, so you better start prepping them now.  The Zometool Creator 1 construction set is an awesome building toy that has the incredible “side effect” of teaching your kids geometry and science.   Yes, Nobel Prize winners have used Zometool type sets to visualize models, but don’t even mention that to the kids – just let them have fun building.  Of course, during their Nobel Prize acceptance speech they should give you a shout out for buying them the best toys!

Full Review (and video) of the Zometool Creator 1 Construction Set

#17. The Toy With the Most Surprising Play Value

Gibout Giant Plush Building Blocks (BigBlox)

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get a 4 Pack of Gibout Blocks ($100 Value)

Gibout Blocks, BigBlox

This toy makes no sense.  Why is it that in my house filled with high tech toys, it is the no tech Gibout Plush Big Blox that get played with the most? These large plush building blocks (12 inch cubes) come in a variety of styles and colors and kids of all ages love them.

The Blocks can be stacked, tossed, sat on, used to build a fort, thrown, used as shields, used as weapons… basically they can be whatever your kids imagine them to be.  Are they furniture?  Are they building blocks?  Who cares – they are fun, never need batteries and kids don’t get bored of them!

Full review (and video) of the Gibout Big Blox

#18. The Best Way to Pilot A Helicopter via Remote Control or Your Phone

Air Hogs Heli Replay

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Air Hogs Heli Replay ($40 Value)

Air Hogs Heli Replay

Choices, choices, as parents we are always forced to make choices.  Do we get our son the R/C helicopter that can be controlled via a smart phone app?  Or do we go more old school and go with the helicopter that is controlled with a standard remote control?  Choices be damned, now you can have it all!  The Air Hogs Heli Replay is a fun helicopter which can be controlled by your phone or the included remote control.

The built in gyro stability makes the Air Hogs Heli-Replay…dare we say it… rather easy to fly??  Yes, it still takes a little trimming and some practice, but kids ages 8 and up should have no problem keeping this helicopter in the air!

Full Review (and video) of the Air Hogs Heli Replay

#19. Most Fun Way To Get a Workout…A Mental Workout

Turnstile by ThinkFun

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Turnstile Game ($20 Value)

Turnstile Revolving Maze Game by ThinkFun

Everyone is always talking about the need to exercise and workout.  Sure, getting our body in shape is great, but let’s not forget about our minds!  At least ThinkFun is keeping our kids’ minds in shape with Turnstile.  Turnstile is a puzzle or maze solving game that teaches some great learning skills, but much more importantly – it is fun and addictive to play!  Kids who enjoy puzzles will  love trying to solve the Turnstile challenges.

Full Review (and video) of Turnstile by ThinkFun

#20. Top Toy For Kids Who Dislike Gravity

My Web RC Stunt Buggy

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One MyWebRC Stunt Buggy ($30 Value)

MyWebRC Stunt Buggy

Gravity can be such a bummer when you are trying to have some fun with your RC car.  While the toy that completely  defies gravity has yet to be invented, the My Web RC Stunt Buggy comes pretty close.   Yes, you can race this R/C car at 500 MPH (scale speed), but the real fun is doing stunts, jumps and tricks.  Throw the Stunt Buggy at the bottom of a circular garbage can and watch it escape!  Need more coolness? Did we mention the Stunt Buggy also has a Turbo Boost Button?

Full Review (and video) of My Web RC Stunt Buggy

#21. The Most Fun You Can Have Rolling a Piece of Wood

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Rollors Set ($35 Value)


Like Bowling? Like Bocce Ball? Like games that are not made of cheap plastic? If so, you will love Rollors. Rollors is a fun outdoor game that you can play at the beach or in the backyard.  Rollors are made of solid wood and combines elements of bowling, bocce ball and horseshoes.  A simple game to learn, but tricky to master.  Rollors is great for both kids and adults, a really fun family game.

Full review (and video) of the Rollors

#22. The Easiest Way To Improve Your Driveway Hoops Game
GameDay Scoreboards

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One GameDay Scoreboard ($35 Value)

GameDay Scoreboards

If you have kids who love playing hoops in the driveway, the GameDay Scoreboard is the perfect holiday present.  This digital scoreboard easily attaches to the pole of   your basketball hoop and allows the kids to keep score and play a number of different games.  Perhaps best of all, the GameDay Scoreboard has a Ref button (calls Foul or No Foul), so you no longer need to play ref and end up with everyone mad at you.

Full review (and video) of the GameDay Scoreboard

#23. Best Game for Toddlers

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Roll & Play Game ($20 Value)

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

Roll & Play is an excellent game for toddlers…which is a good thing because it may also be the only game for toddlers!  Roll & Play introduces the concepts of game play in a very friendly manner.  Take turns rolling a big, soft cube (yes, we have a thing for big soft cubes), turn over cards and do the things on the cards…or don’t!  No hard and fast rules here, the idea is just to introduce toddlers to the idea of gameplay in a fun and rewarding way.

Full review (and video) of the Roll & Play by ThinkFun

24.Toy Most Likely To Put The Kids To Sleep…And That’s A Good Thing

Tranquil Turtle

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Tranquil Turtle ($45 Value)

Tranquil Turtle

Why in a guide to the fun toys of 2012, would we add a toy that is guaranteed to put your kids to sleep? Because that is exactly what the Tranquil Turtle from Cloudb is supposed to do, and it does it very well! The Tranquil Turtle is the perfect bedtime companion for kids. The plush turtle with a hard shell can project a beautiful ocean on the ceiling, act as a nightlight and play soothing sounds. Don’t tell my 8 and 10 year old boys that this is made for younger kids – they still put their Tranquil Turtle on every night, proving that everyone loves the idea of sleeping by an ocean.

Full review (and video) of the Tranquil Turtle

25. The Most Fun You Can Have With Three Balls and a String


What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Astrojax ($19 Value)

Astrojax Toy

The Astrojax could have also won the award for Toy We Least Expected To Put In This Guide. The Astrojax is a string and three balls…you waiting for more…sorry, that is it! How can the Astrojax be that much fun? Simply because sometimes the most fun things are the simple things.

The Astrojax is somewhat like a 21st century Yo-Yo. You orbit the balls around, do all types of tricks and basically find yourself picking the thing up and playing with it…trying to get a new trick down. No batteries, no software…just three balls, a string and tons of fun!

Full review (and video) of the Astrojax

That is over $1,400 in toys given out to 25 Lucky Winners on 11/30/12 at 8pm EST. Not just any toys, but the hottest toys for the 2012 holidays season!

Do I Have to Give Up My First Born to Enter?

Not only do you not need to give up your first born to enter, you can even keep your 2nd and 3rd born as well! We tried to make this as easy as possible, so here is the 3 Step Process…

Step 1 – Join Us (Mandatory)

If you clicked that nice little Join Us button in the past – you’ve already got a ticket in the Holiday Toy Lotto! Any member of Dad Does is automatically entered into any giveaway we do. Not a member yet? No problem, all you have to do is Join Us – requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds. So, just Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do – simple – right?

Step 2 – Leave a Comment Below And Increase Your Odds of Winning by 10x (Optional)

If you are reading this post, you deserve a better chance to win. So, just leave a comment below – say anything you like, and we will give you 10 additional entries into the giveaway.

Step 3 – Complete You Entry Using The RaffleCopter App

To help us randomly pick the winners and keep track of the entries we are using a cool little app called Raffle Copter. Once you have Joined Dad Does and left a comment on this post, just complete your entry by using this RaffleCopter app -

a Rafflecopter giveaway
It is very important you record your entries in the above app, as it is how we will notify winners.

If You Are Winner, Respond to Our Email by 6pm EST on 12/2/12

We want to make sure winners can get their gifts in time for the holidays, so we will email all winners by 12/1/12. You need to respond to our email, saying you want the gift and where to ship it, by 6pm EST on 12/2/12.

Sorry, we can not accept requests for certain gifts. We will randomly pick winners for each gift.

To recap, you Join Us, that gets you 1 entry. Already a member? You already have your first entry. If you want, leave a comment below, that gets you 10 more entries (giving 11 entries as the maximum anyone can get). Record your entries using the RaffleCopter app on this page. If yow win, tell us where to ship it. Pretty darn easy, no?

We will randomly pick winners on Friday November 30th, 2012.

A Giveaway For the Grownups! Why should the kids have all the fun? Feeling lucky? Jump over to our $520 IOGEAR Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway and enter to win awesome gadgets and gifts to make your movie night super cool. Ends 12/12

Let’s Say Thanks To The Sponsors For Not Making You Jump Through Hoops!

In most contests, the companies giving away prizes make you follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, name your next child after them and on and on. A huge Thank You to all the companies in this giveaway for not making you jump through these hoops. We firmly believe the companies behind the gifts here are fun and interesting companies, that care about the Mom and Dad community. Below are the links to the company pages for the gifts in this giveaway, definitely worth checking out because they are fun, offer some great coupons and deals and have good information for Dads and Moms…

#1, #2 and #18. Air Hogs

#3. Rockboard Scooters

#4. Action Shot Camera

#5. Interactive Toy Concepts

#6 and #12. Razor

#7. ZenWheels

#8. EyeSpy Toys

#9. EB Brands

#10. SpyNet

#11. Launch N Attack

#13. Xploderz

#14 and #15. RC-Fever.Com

#16. ZomeTool

#17. Gibout Toys

#19 and #23. ThinkFun

#20. My Funky Planet

#21. Rollors

#22. Gameday Scoreboards

#24. Cloud B

#25. US Astrojax

Take a look at all the above companies, if you want – Like and Follow them – not required, but they all do provide some nice updates, coupons and information to their followers.

Let The Fun Begin!

Join Us – takes about 6 seconds and gets you an entry in this contest and all other contests we ever do. If you want to increase your odds, just leave one comment below – that gets you 10 more entries (maximum of 11 entries per person). Or don’t – maybe you like a challenge and want to win with just one entry – cool, I like your style, if you win I am taking you to Vegas with me!

Leave A Comment Below and Check Back Often, More Giveaways Are Coming!

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  • Laura Pelkey

    Wow, there are some really great toys. A win would fill a gap in my holiday shopping. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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  • Portland Dad

    Lots of flying things and guns, my boys will be super excited this Christmas if those are the best toys.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Sherry Conrad

    I would be the most awesome Gigi ever if I won some of these- fabulous list. Can we win more than one? Because I could use quite a few of them, but if I have to pick just one I will have to agonize for hours and hours and I am pretty sure you don’t want to do that to me, do you? I didn’t think so. Have a wonderful day.

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  • Todd Lovessweeps

    Looks like these toys would be a lot of fun ! My 2 boys would love them

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    Thank you! It will save lots of time On Christmas with me
    Having knowledge about the terrain before he opens it!
    I also saw the contest! What an awesome thing!
    I have looked for the airplane with wheels on the Black
    Friday sales but every one was sold out :-(
    I know we can’t register for a certain toy, I just hope we
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  • Leah Candler

    I wrote all of the companies giving away prizes to thank them and they all answered with very nice notes. This is a tremendous giveaway!!!!

  • Leah Candler

    I wrote all of the companies giving away prizes to thank them and they all answered with very nice notes. This is a tremendous giveaway!!!!

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  • Asiya @ Chocolate and Chillies

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  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

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  • William Patterson

    This is an awesome giveaway. Love the air hog tracker.

  • William Patterson

    This is an awesome giveaway. Love the air hog tracker.

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  • Dan Dad Does

    We have just emailed all 25 winners. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! If you didn’t win on this one, we have another contest going on for $520 Movie Night Gift Basket, so make sure to enter that one. Thanks,

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