Disney Princess and Me Doll (Jakks Pacific) – Boys Review a Doll?

Disney Princess and Me Doll

Disney Princess and Me Doll

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Disney Princess & Me Doll Product Review… BY BOYS!

We keep telling you we do things differently here at Dad Does!  So when it came time to review the Disney Princess and Me Doll by Jakks Pacific, it was all to clear what needed to be done.  This is Dad Does – we give voices to Dads who Dad Blog in a Mommy world!  Who are Dads in training? Boys.  So, who better to review a Princess Doll than future Dads, aka Boys?  Our logic is sound, isn’t it?

Boys Play With Dolls and We Have the Shocking Footage to Prove It

This Princess and Me Doll review is best told in video form… shocking video form….

In Truth the Disney Princess & Me Doll Is Fun

Okay, we had some fun with the video – in truth girls who love dolls will love the Disney Princess And Me Doll.  The doll is 18 inch tall and has all the features that girls love in a doll.  Nice hair for brushing, clothing you can change, earrings that come off, slippers, etc.

Become a Princess With Your Princess

In addition to the doll, you get a cute package of information that welcomes you to the Royal Family.   You can sign up for the Royal Club and begin your “magical journey”.  Hey, this is Disney after all!

In addition, there is a magazine that comes with the doll that has tips on having a slumber party, tea party and of course how to dress like your dolls!  Yes, you can buy matching outfits for you and your dolls.

Prepare to Spend Some Money on Your Princess

There are five dolls in the Disney Princess & Me series and a number of different outfits you can buy (for both your dolls and daughters).  At about $50 for each doll, by the time you are done you will have to spend some money to keep your little Princess happy!

On The Other Hand, Prepare to Spend LESS Money Than American Girl Dolls!

Any Mom or Dad who has daughters know the sticker shock horror of American Girl Dolls.  You want me to pay THAT for a Doll??? The 18 inch Disney Princess and Me dolls are at least half the price of even the least expensive American Girl dolls.  In the end, when it comes to determining the value of dolls, it is all relative.

Conclusion on the Disney Princess & Me Dolls

Dolls are hard to objectively review.  There are not features to compare or functions to test out – they are just dolls in the end.  The sign of a good doll is one that triggers your girls imagination and helps her enter a fantasy world of play.  In this respect, the Disney Princess & Me Dolls are a success.   The clothing, Royal Family certificates, magazine, pledge to be a good friend and Princess – all work to get girls playing in a beautiful fantasy world.  $50 a doll may seem high to some, but for parents who have experienced American Girl dolls – this will seem like a bargain.  If your girl loves dolls, we do think they will love the Disney Princess & Me Dolls.

FULL DISCLOSURE: While we tried to buy this doll on our own, it was sold out of the stores. Jakks did provide a doll for us to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the toy. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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