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Today is a great time to be a kid spy.  For generations kids have pretended to be secret agents, using all types of pretend  spy gear.  The difference today is that the spy gear is not pretend! Spy toys today do really fly and shoot video.  Night Vision goggles really do allow you to see in the dark.   To help make your child the ultimate junior spy, we now present our list of the Top Spy Toys of 2012….

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Top Toys for 2012: The Best Spy Toys of 2012

Best Camera Disguised As a Car

Wi-Spi Intruder

Wi-Spi Intruder RC Car, Spy Car

Sure, the Wi-Spi Intruder looks like an innocent remote controlled car, but as any good spy knows – looks can be deceiving.  When paired with an iOS or Android device, the Wi-Spi Intruder is actually a spy station on wheels.  Stream live video from the car to your smartphone or tablet, press a button and record video or photos of your covert operations.  Drive into a dark room?  No problem, the Wi-Spi Intruder has night vision and can capture video in almost complete darkness.  Be ready parents, your life will soon be televised.

Full Review (and video) of the Wi-Spi Intruder

Price: Sells for About $99. Good for kids ages 14 and up.

The Next Best Thing To Having Your Own Spy Drone

Wi-Spi Helicopter

Wi Spi RC Helicopter

The Wi-Spi Intruder is great for ground level spying, but what about when you need eyes in the sky?  That is when you call in the Wi-Spi Helicopter.  With the R/C Wi-Spi Helicopter you fly indoors and outdoors (if there is no wind) and stream a live feed right to your iOS or Android device.  See something of interest?  Record the video and with a few clicks share with the world via Facebook or YouTube.   Think of the Wi-Spi Helicopter as your own personal spy drone…minus the deadly missiles.

Full review (and video) of the Wi-Spi Helicopter

Price: About $109. Great for kids of ages 12+

Best Way To Get Eyes In The Sky Without a Smartphone or Tablet

MyWebRC Eye Copter

MyWebRC Eye Copter

The Wi-Spi Intruder is great if your kids have an iOS or Android device – but should kids without a smartphone or tablet be left out of the spying fun? Absolutely not!  The MyWebRC Eye Copter is an easy to fly indoor and outdoor RC helicopter that can record video and photos directly onto the included mini SD card.   At 15″ long and with an aluminum frame, this helicopter is built to withstand even the most demanding spy missions!

Full review (and video) of the Eye Copter

Price: About $111. Great for kids of ages 12+

Best Spy Toy To Enhance Your Ground Game

EyeSpy SpyLinx

EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicator

Spy cars and spy helicopters are great, but sometimes you need feet on the ground for the most sensitive intel.  Get a pair of EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicators and put your ground game in action.  The SpyLinx are video walkie talkies that can send full color video, sound and text between the two communicators.  Don’t let the sun setting ruin your mission, the SpyLinx have night vision capabilities!

Full review (and video) of the EyeSpy SpyLinx

Price: About $79. Great for kids ages 8 and up

Best Toy To Simulate a Super Power

SpyNet Ultra Vision Night Vision Goggles

Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles

Sure, X-Ray vision would be the vision super power I would want…if they were giving out vision super powers.  If X-Ray vision was not available, being able to see in complete darkness would be a close second.  Now Jakks Pacific gives us the ability to see in total darkness with the SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Goggles.  While the goggles are marketed as a toy, don’t let that fool you – you really can see in total darkness with these wicked cool Night Vision goggles.

The SpyNet Ultra Vision goggles were around in 2011, but new for 2012 is the ability to record everything you see to a mini SD card.  This adds a great deal of spy value to the Night Vision goggles.  Stake out the kitchen at night and record Dad binging on your Halloween candy…not even total darkness can hide Dad’s evil ways now.

Full Review (and video) of the SpyNet Ultra Vision Goggles

Price: About $49. Best for kids ages 8 and up.

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