Review: EyeSpy Spy Linx Communicator, For Junior Spies In Training

EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicator

EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicator

Moms and Dads, you better watch your step.  Those innocent looking kids of yours…most likely spies!  Not that you can blame them really.  I mean, give a kid the EyeSpy SpyLinx Live Video Communicator and what do you expect him to do with all that power?  Transmit live video and audio between two Spy Linx Communicators.  Need to be stealth? Go silent and send text messages.  Lights out?  No problem, go to night vision mode and keep the surveillance going.  All of this without the need of any computers, WiFi or cell phone service.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicator -

A Whole Lot Of Technology Packed Into a Toy

As you can see from the video, the SpyLinx pack an impressive amount of technology into a toy.  Here is the full feature list for the EyeSpy SpyLinx –

  • Set comes with 2 SpyLinx Communicators
  • Large 2.4” LCD color video screen with rechargeable battery
  • Two way Live video and sound
  • Full keyboard to send text messages
  • Night Vision Infra-red technology
  • Send over 25 icons
  • 500 foot range (in open setting)

Being A Cutting Edge Spy Can Have Its Bumps

The SpyLinx work on the 2.4 Mhz frequency and claim to have a 500 foot range.  In our testing, that range was very hard to reach in a real world setting.  You probably have countless devices in your house that also use 2.4 Mhz (cordless phones, baby monitors, etc) and these can interfere with the SpyLinx.  Outside we have seen better results, but I suspect your issues with interference will vary greatly based on what other equipment you have in your house.

If you had to rely on the SpyLinx for your primary form of communications, then the interference issues could be a real deal breaker.  Luckily, SpyLinx is a toy and having some occasional interference issues is not a major factor, given the fun of having video walkie talkies with full texting and night vision capabilities!

Luckily, The EyeSpy SpyLinx Does Not Record Video

The SpyLinx does not have the ability to record video, you simply watch a live video stream from the other SpyLinx communicator, but it is not recorded.  While the kids would like to see a record feature on the SpyLinx, I think I speak for most parents when I say I’m glad they don’t record.  Do we really want our kids sneaking around and covertly recording us binging on their Halloween candy?

Conclusion:  EyeSpy SpyLinx Takes Walkie Talkies Into the 21st Century

Kids today sure are lucky.  No more using some tin cans and a string to communicate, now they can have a full video chat…even in complete darkness!  If you have kids who like to play spy games, pass secret messages or love to text- they will greatly enjoy the EyeSpy SpyLinx. Yes, we wish there was less interference, but the SpyLinx is still a very impressive product and is sure to breed a whole new generation of spies.

More Information:

The EyeSpy SpyLinx from Citiwell International Retails for $79.95 (set of 2)

Purchase the EyeSpy SpyLinx at Toys R Us.

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