Review: Launch N’ Attack Annihilator Dart Blaster, Discs and Darts Unite

Launch N Attack Annihilator

Launch N Attack Annihilator

There are plenty of Nerf Dart blasters and other foam dart blasters on the market.   There are also toys where you pull a rip cord and a disc goes flying up in the air.  Now, there is the Launch N’ Attach Annihilator, a toy that combines a dart blaster with a Heli disc launcher.

Why Add a Flying Disc To a Dart Blaster?

Perhaps to give kids a target that is not their younger brother!   The idea is you launch the Heli Disc up into the air, then you try to shoot it down with your foam darts.   Not sure if you really hit the disc?  Just check the lights on the disc, that show if it was hit.  This will all make more sense when you see the Launch And Attack Annihilator in action…

Please watch our video review of the Launch ‘N Attack Annihilator….

Launch ‘N Attack Shows Nerf Is Not The Only Foam Based Dart Game In Town

Clearly Nerf is the market leader when it comes to foam dart blasters, but the Launch N’ Attack Annihilator holds its own compared to Nerf guns.  The Annihilator holds 6 foam bullets, so it has limited capacity, but it fires those foam darts off with a good amount of force due to the 4 AA batteries that power the blaster.

Here are the full specs on the Launch N’ Attack Annihilator:

  • Includes 6 Foam Darts
  • Includes 1 Heli Disc With Flashing Lights
  • Barrel Style Loading, Holds 6 Darts
  • Battery Operated Fire Power (4 AA).  40 Foot Range
  • Heli Disc Launched by Rip Cord, Flies 40 Feet

Heli Disc Provides A New Twist To Blaster Battles

The ability to pull a rip cord and have a moving target to blast away provides a fun twist to standard blaster battles.  Playing with the Heli Disc is even better at night as the lights on the disc really show up and there is something fun about shooting down a disc with flashing lights!

As a lefty, we appreciate that the Heli Launcher can be attached to either side of the gun, making it friendly for righties and lefties.  We did find that younger kids had some trouble pulling the rip cord with enough force to launch the Heli disc, so this toy is probably best for kids ages 8 and up.

Conclusion:  Launch N’ Attack Annihilator Adds A Fun Twist To Blaster Battles

If you have kids who are Nerf fans, they will love the Launch N’ Attack Annihilator.   The blaster fires with good force and accuracy and thankfully is compatible with most Nerf bullets (including the new Nerf N-Strike Elite darts).  The addition of a Heli Disc launcher opens up new ways to play with a blaster.   Now instead of kids shooting each other, they can take out their anger on the poor defenseless Heli Disc.

More Information:

The Launch N Attack Annihilator from Citiwell International Retails for $19.99

The Launch N Attack Annihilator Sells For About $15 At Toys R Us and Kmart.

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