Top Toys of 2012: The Best Driving, Racing and Crashing Toys of 2012

The Top Holiday Toys for 2012. Guide the Best Hot Holiday Toys of 2012

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Much has changed since we were all kids, but one thing has remained a constant – kids love to play with cars.   Sure when we were kids we pushed our cars around and now kids have remote control cars that go 600 MPH (scale speed), but at least kids still play with cars.

With all the cool high tech cars on the market today, how do you know which ones are the most fun?  That is where we come in.  Below you will find our picks for the best driving, racing and crashing toys of 2012.

It’s Alive! This List is Growing Like a Weed

If you are reading this before December 24th, 2012 we are still searching for the best toys. This is a living, growing Holiday Toy Guide for 2012. Below you will see some of the top toys we have currently reviewed, but please check back often as we will continue to update our list as we review new toys. You can also see all of the toy reviews we have done by visiting our Toy section. More of a visual learner? Watch our Toy Review videos on our YouTube Channel.

Top Toys for 2012: The Best Driving, Racing and Crashing Toys of 2012

Best Toy For Kids Who Hate Roads

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

Roads?  We don’t need no stinking roads!  In fact, we don’t even need land.  The Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister can drive in grass, mud, dirt, snow and yes, water.  If your kids are less into racing with precision around a track and more into smashing through a track, they will love the Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister.  Finally a remote control car you can drive in the snow!

Full Review (and video) of the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

Price: Sells for About $90. Good for kids ages 8 and up.

The Toy Car All Grownups Wish Was Real

Micro Chargers Mini Race Cars

Micro Chargers Miniature Race Cars

Man o man – what I wouldn’t give for a car that could 600 MPH and took only about 8 seconds to fuel up!  The Micro Chargers are a new type of racing car that take just seconds to charge and then peel out at an incredible 600 MPH (scale speed).

Kids will love racing the Micro Charges on tracks (works with Micro Chargers tracks and standard Hot Wheels tracks) and also just letting them fly on the floor.  Moose Toys make a whole series of Micro Chargers, so watch out, if your kids like them, your  house will soon be overrun with tiny race cars!

Full review (and video) of the Micro Chargers Race Cars

Price: About $12. Great for kids ages 5 and up

Top Toy Car For Kids Who Really Wanted A Pet

CarBot by Desk Pets

CarBot by Desk Pets

Pets can be very cute, but they can also pee in your house.  CarBots from Desk Pets are also very cute and while they do have accidents, no pee is involved.  CarBots are cute little cars that you control with your iDevice or Android phone.  Yes, you can race them, but they also have a maze mode where they use automatic obstacle detection to find their way out of a maze.  Want something a little more…well, pet like?  Put the CarBot in Personality Mode and watch it spin, drift, flash its lights and make all types of sounds as it entertains the room.

Full review (and video) of the CarBot by Desk Pets

Price: About $30. Great for kids ages 8 and up

Best Toy to Get a Future City Slicker

ZenWheels Micro Car

ZenWheels Micro Car

Have older kids who have grown out of the “standard” RC cars?  Get them the ZenWheels Micro Car – it might look like other RC mini cars, but it controls like nothing we have ever seen!  The ZenWheels Micro Car offers real rack and pinion steering and precision control via an app on your iPhone.

Driving the ZenWheels Micro Car is like driving a real car…if you owned a super small real car.  With the precision controls you will be able to stop on a dime and parallel park – two skills that any future city driver will need to learn.  By the way, looking for a gift for the big kid in the house (aka Dad)?  The ZenWheels Micro Car is an awesome choice.

Full Review (and video) of ZenWheels Micro Car

Price: About $89. Best for kids ages 12 and up.

Top Toy For Kids Who Dislike Gravity

My Web RC Stunt Buggy

MyWebRC Stunt Buggy

Gravity can be such a bummer when you are trying to have some fun with your RC car.  While the toy that completely  defies gravity has yet to be invented, the My Web RC Stunt Buggy comes pretty close.   Yes, you can race this R/C car at 500 MPH (scale speed), but the real fun is doing stunts, jumps and tricks.  Throw the Stunt Buggy at the bottom of a circular garbage can and watch it escape!  Need more coolness? Did we mention the Stunt Buggy also has a Turbo Boost Button?

Full Review (and video) of My Web RC Stunt Buggy

Price: $29. Best for kids ages 8 and up.

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