Review: MyWebRC Stunt Buggy, Jumping, Flipping R/C Fun

MyWebRC Stunt Buggy

MyWebRC Stunt Buggy

What is better than an R/C Stunt Buggy that can go 500 MPH (scale speed)?  A R/C Stunt Buggy that can go 500 MPH and has a turbo boost button!  The MyWebRC Stunt Buggy from My Funky Planet does indeed have a turbo boost button and so much more.

We could start listing the specs and features of the Stunt Buggy RC toy car, but that is not what you came here for.  No, the only proper way to review a R/C toy that claims to be able to defy gravity is to show the Stunt Buggy in action.

Let’s Take A Look At Our Stunt Filled Video Review of the MyWebRC Stunt Buggy -

The Stunt Buggy Is Exactly That – A Buggy That Does Stunts

My Funky Planet is known for making cool and fun remote controlled toys and the Stunt Buggy does not disappoint.  As the video shows, the Stunt Buggy is incredibly fast and is most impressive when it has something to jump over or spin through.  The incredible speed of the Stunt Buggy does allow it to almost defy gravity, put the Stunt Buggy in any type of cylinder and prepare for a show!

The Quick Specs on the Stunt Buggy

Here are the key features of the Stunt Buggy:

  • 500 MPH (scale speed)
  • Playstation Style Remote Control (49 or 27 MHz)
  • Turbo Boost
  • Forward/Backwards/Left/Right Remote Control
  • Suspension System
  • 30-40 Minute Charging Time
  • 20-25 Minute Run Time
  • 50-60 Foot Range
  • All Batteries Included

The Fun Continues Online With MyWebRC.Com

Inside the Stunt Buggy box you get a card with a code to unlock a virtual race world at MyWebRC.Com.  The site has a number of online racing games and a virtual garage.  We had some issues entering our code on the site, not sure if the problem was on our end or theirs.  It is nice that the Stunt Buggy comes with access to a virtual  race world, but the kids were much more interested in playing with the real RC Stunt Buggy.

The Stunt Buggy Can Be Too Fast For Its Own Good

The Stunt Buggy is so fast that it can be hard to control if you are looking to race.  We found that the Stunt Buggy would often spin out on the hard wood floor.  Of course, if you didn’t gun it, you could keep control, but who doesn’t want to gun a Stunt Buggy?  In our testing  the Stunt Buggy performed much better on a carpet.    Actually the Stunt Buggy is the most fun when you have it racing around any type of circular container…and trying its best to break free of gravity.

Conclusion: The R/C Stunt Buggy Is High Speed Flipping Fun

If you have kids who are into high speed R/C cars that can do jumps and tricks, they will love the MyWebRC Stunt Buggy from My Funky Planet.  We had a great time trying to come up with different jumps and stunts we could do with the Stunt Buggy.   Really, what kid would not like to see a car jump, flip and fly through the air?

What could make the Stunt Buggy even better?  Throw a camera in it so kids can relive all the stunts they do, from a first person perspective.  Still, even without the camera, the kids will love doing jumps with the R/C Stunt Buggy.  As the video shows, we did a number of high jumps and crashes and the Stunt Buggy is still going strong.  This is a great indicator that the Stunt Buggy is well made and will hold up well to whatever stunt your kids throw at it.  As a parent, I am all for my kids doing crazy, flipping stunts with an RC toy…instead of trying them on their bicycles!

More Information:

The MyWebRC Stunt Buggy Retails for $29.95 and Is Available at My Funky Planet.

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