GameDay Scoreboards Takes Your Driveway Basketball Game To A Whole New Level

GameDay Scoreboards

GameDay Scoreboards

Here is the dilemma that no Dad ever wants to face.  The kids are playing basketball in the driveway.   The game is tied, bodies collide and suddenly your kids are looking at you and asking if there was a foul.  This is a clear no win situation for you, no matter what you say, one of your kids will run inside and smash your “World’s Greatest Dad” mug.

The GameDay Scoreboard Allows You To Stay As Neutral as Switzerland

If you are lucky enough to have the new digital GameDay Scoreboard attached to your hoop, your dilemma is solved.  Simply tell the kids to hit the Ref button on the GameDay Scoreboard and the GameDay will make the call – Foul or No Foul.  Always better to have one of the kids angry at a digital talking scoreboard rather than you.

The GameDay Digital Scoreboard does much more than just keep score and act as a Ref for your driveway hoops games.   To learn more, let’s look at our video review of the GameDay Scoreboard -

The GameDay Scoreboard Adds A Whole New Dimension to Driveway Basketball

While the GameDay Scoreboard is a fine scoreboard, it really goes well beyond the functions of a standard scoreboard.  As we show in the video, the GameDay has a number of sound effects, a Ref button (randomly calls Foul or No Foul) and most importantly, 10 different play modes.

Here are the different play modes:

  • Free Play (2 player, no clock)
  • 6 Minute Timed Game (2 player)
  • 12 Minute Timed Game (2 player)
  • 18 Minute Timed Game (2 player)
  • 30 Second Free Throw Contest (up to 4 players)
  • First Player to 11 (2 player)
  • First Player to 21 (2 player)
  • 9’s – First Player to 9 (up to 4 players)
  • P-I-G (up to 4 players)
  • H-O-R-S-E (up to 4 players)

Do you have kids who love to play hoops even after the sun goes down?  No problem, the GameDay even has a backlight so you can see the scoreboard at night.

Conclusion:  If Your Kids Love Hoops, They Will Love the GameDay Scoreboard

The GameDay Scoreboard is one of those things where you can’t believe it took this long for someone to invent it.  It just makes so much sense to have a simple and fun way to add scoring and play modes to your driveway basketball game.   The sound effects are fun, but not over the top (no sounds play unless you hit a scoring or Ref button).  The backlight works well, so night games are possible.   The GameDay is weather resistant, but not completely weatherproof.  So, you will need to remove it in heavy rain, snow or freezing temperatures.

Overall, if you have kids who like to play hoops in the driveway, the GameDay Scoreboard is an awesome addition to the game.

More Information:

The GameDay Scoreboard form iler Brands Retails for $34.95

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