Feast Your Eyes on The Best Guide to The Top Hot Holiday Toys of 2012

Top Holiday Toys of 2012

The Top Holiday Toys for 2012.  Guide the Best Hot Holiday Toys of 2012

Please tell us you have eye drops near by.  Your poor eyes are about to be overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of fun we will soon release in The Best Guide To The Top Hot Holiday Toys of 2012…or TBGTTTHHTO2 as we like to call it.  Reading this Toy Guide without proper lubrication for your eyes could lead to FIBFun Induced Blindness and that should avoided at all costs.  For your safety, once you have sent in a sworn and notarized letter attesting to the fact that you do have eye drops on hand, we can move on…

Sorry, When We Talk About the Best Toys of 2012, We Get Over Excited

A few minor corrections to the above paragraph.  It turns out you don’t need eye drops to read this guide – just a love for playing with toys.  In addition, after extensive focus group testing, it turns out the catchy acronym of TBGTTTHHTO2 just was not rolling off peoples’ tongues.  Instead, we will just call it the Dad Does Guide to the Best Toys of 2012 and tell you why we are so excited…

We Know Toys, But Know Nothing About The Toy Industry

Many of the Hot Holiday Toy Guides that you see are produced by toy industry insiders.  These are people who know what toys get the most shelf space,  how much is being spent on advertising and how many SKUs have been ordered by the big retailers.  These toy industry insiders have great insight into what toys retailers will be pushing and trying to sell for the 2012 holiday season.

We are outsiders to the toy industry and their advertising plans, but we are Moms and Dads who have tested hundreds of toys in the real world and we know what our kids found fun! Sorry, we can not tell you what toys will be most popular based on advertising, scarcity and media coverage – but we can tell you what toys will be the most fun for your kids.

No Kid Has Ever Played With A Press Release!

Why do toy companies keep sending us press releases about how fun their toys are?  We have tried handing press releases to the children – they make decent paper airplanes, but that is about it.  We have this strange policy of actually getting every toy we review and testing it out in a real world setting.

Here is the extremely complicated algorithm we use to determine which toys kids will find fun:

  • We get the toys
  • We have kids, Moms and Dads actually play with the toys
  • If the toy is incredibly fun, it makes this list

Sorry if we just blew your mind with our radical  review process. In all seriousness, you would be shocked at how many product review sites do toy reviews based on press releases and staged demos – rather than real world testing of the toys.

The Guide to The Best Toys of 2012 is Alive! Run For Your Life!

This Toy Guide is like the Toy Guide that would just never end.  If you are reading this before December 24th, 2012 we are still searching for the best toys or Christmas.  Below you will see some of the best toys that we have currently reviewed, but please bookmark or favorite this page as we will continue to update our list as we review new toys.

Win The Best Toys of The Year! If you are reading this before 12/1/12, you are in luck. On 11/30/12 we are doing a huge holiday toy giveaway – $1,400 in toys, 23 winners. Click here to enter the holiday toy giveaway.

Want to see even more toys than we have in the Toy Guides below?  We like your style.  Simply visit our Toy section to see articles on all the toys we have reviewed.  Still not enough?  Check out our Toy Reviews playlist over at YouTube, which features real world video reviews of all the hot holiday toys.

How To Use The Best Guide to The Top Hot Holiday Toys of 2012

There were too many awesome toys in 2012 to squeeze them all into one top toys list.  To make things a little easier to digest, we will be publishing a series of top toy guides, and they will all be accessible from this page.  So, once again, Favorite this page as it will be the jumping off point for all the top toy reviews from 2012.

Here are The Top Toy Guides:

Read the above guides and you will be hit by a tidal wave of toy awesomeness!

Top Holiday Toys of 2012

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