Zometool Review: Is Your Kid Building A Tower Or Curing Cancer?

Zometool Creator 1

Zometool Creator 1

Just when you think you have seen every type of building and construction set they could possibly dream up, something like Zometool comes along to blur the line between building, math, science and discovery.    We recently got a chance to test out the aptly named Zometool Creator 1 set…and create you can!  The kit comes with balls and struts in different sizes and colors.  I know, that doesn’t sound very interesting, but once you start playing with the Zometool, it is addictive.

It Should be Illegal To Discuss Zometool Without Showing a Video

Zometool is one of those things you absolutely need to see to understand.  Actually, playing with Zometool is the best way to understand this construction toy, but since our holographic virtual reality simulator is on the blink, we will just show you a video of the Zometool in action.

Let’s Look at Our Video Review of the Zometool Creator 1 Set…

There is A Great Deal of Math and Science in Zometools, But Don’t Tell The Kids!

There is a lot of science and geometry with the Zometool – concepts of 2, 3 and 5 fold symmetry, crystals, domes and fractal cubes.  Perhaps this is why Nobel Prize winners have talked about using Zometool like construction sets to help them visualize concepts.   Here is the best part, you don’t need to tell your kids any of this.

Just let the kids play, have fun and experiment – before long they are actually understanding some science and math concepts, just by building and seeing which structures work.  At Dad Does we firmly believe that the best educational toys are the ones that kids do not know are educational.  Kids will happily play with a fun toy that also happens to be educational, but the inverse is not true.  A toy with high educational value but low fun or play value is also know as a toy closet dust collector.

Zometool Can Make Bubbles Even More Awesome

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  What could be better than bubbles?  A “pumpkin bubble” made inside the 3-D pentagon you build with Zometools! The very well written Zometool manual has instructions for a number of awesome shapes you can dip into a bubble solution and make some crazy bubbles.  Due to poor weather, we have not had a chance to test out the bubble making capacity of the Zometool yet, but we will report back when we have had some bubble fun.

Conclusion: Zometool Is A Great Battery Free Way to Learn and Play

Here is some advice, if you buy Zometool for your kids, you should probably give them a turn with it.  I had so much fun building with Zometool I almost forget this was supposed to be for the kids.  Zometool is great for kids (ages 5 and up) and adults and makes a great rainy day project for the whole family to work on.

The kids will love building with Zometool, and they may start seeing the patterns of 2, 3 and 5’s.  Then they might start seeing how certain geometric structures make up much of the nature around us.  Pretty soon their structures start to look like futuristic biological molecules.  So, Moms and Dads before you go to clean up and put away Zometool, you may need to ask yourself, “Was that a tower little Susan built, or the molecular structure of a cure for cancer?

More Information:

Zometool Creator 1 Set Has 246 Parts and Retails for $59.00 from ZomeTool.

Learn More At the Zometool Facebook Page.

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