Fine Folks of California, Vote Yes on Prop 37, Because Information Is Power

Prop 37

Prop 37

We try not to get too political here at Dad Does, but sometimes we just need to speak our mind, especially when the health of our children is at stake.  In California there is Proposition 37 on the ballot, this proposition simply asks if food that contains GMOs (genetically modified organisms) should be labeled.  Prop 37 does not ban the sale of foods that contain GMOs, it simply list the information on the label so people can make their own decision.

How is Knowing More Information About the Food We Eat a Bad Thing?

It would seem that voting yes on Prop 37 is a no brainer and would win by a landslide.  What person would be against knowing a little more information about what they are eating and feeding their family.  Voting Yes on Prop 37 does not stop any food from coming to market, if you are not concerned with GMOs you can absolutely continue to eat whatever you want.  In many ways it is similar to how they now put calorie counts on menus.  If you don’t care about calories, eat that chocolate covered cheesecake.  On the other hand, if you are watching your calories, good to know you will need to exercise for a day to burn off that chocolate covered cheesecake!

Ah, but nothing is ever simple.  Monsanto and other companies have now spent over $38 million dollars running ads on why you should vote No on Prop 37.  Sure, just about everything they say in the ads is a lie (will raise the cost of food, etc) but if you say it enough times, people actually might believe it.

Get The Facts And Make An Informed Decision

We are not going to get into a huge political debate here, we simply think that there is a right and wrong side to this issue.  This is not Republican vs Democrat, this is simply More Information vs. Less Information.   Who knows if GMOs pose any risk at all, but why not label foods with GMOs and let us decide that.

If you want to learn more about Prop 37, visit this site.  To give you a quick taste of what is going on in terms of misinformation on this issue, check out these videos –

The Vote is In California, But This Will Have a National Impact

While it is true that you can only vote on Prop 37 if you are a resident of California, we do believe this will become a national issue.  If Prop 37 passes in CA, there is a good chance other states will follow their lead.  As parents, we are all for knowing exactly what we are feeding our children.

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