Lasko My Heat Review -Heat Where You Want It, Money In Your Pocket

Lasko My Heat

Lasko My Heat

Wouldn’t life be grand if everyone in the family was comfortable at the same temperature?  Of course, this never seems to happen.  Dad is wearing shorts while Mom is covered in fleece and shivering.  If Mom tries to touch the thermostat, she risks setting Dad off on his rant about the high price of heating oil.

Now Lasko, with their My Heat Ceramic Heater, claims to have the solution to the family heating battles.  My Heat is a personal heater, providing economical heat on a personal level.   Does the Lasko MyHeat deliver the heat to keep your family happy?

Let’s take a look at our quick video review of the Lasko My Heat…

Keep Your Money In Your Wallet and Stop Shivering

The My Heat is a very simple product and the video really shows it all.  Flip a switch, heat comes out – flip the switch again and heat stops coming out.  Here are the key features of the MyHeat –

  • 200 Watt Ceramic Heater
  • Portable, Only 6″ Tall
  • Overheat Protection
  • Cool Touch Housing
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available in 5 Colors

The key point is that the heater only uses 200 watts.   A typical whole room heater uses 1500 watts.  Of course the whole room heater provides more heat, but do you really need all that heat?  If you are alone in a room sitting at your desk, do you need it to be warm in the far corner of the room that no one is in?  This is the whole concept of a personal heater like the My Heat, just provide that extra bit of heat to take the edge off of a chilly day.  The great thing about this personal heat idea is that it will save you money…and what parent doesn’t like saving money?

Conclusion: The My Heat is Simple, Effective, Pretty and It Will Save You Some Cash

We understand it is hard to get too excited about a personal heater, now if it came with a remote control and it could fly and fire missiles….Sorry, we got a little carried away.  No, the My Heat will not wow you with features, but it will impress you with its ease of use and effectiveness.   The MyHeat in a portable heater that provides just the right amount of heat for a personal heater at a very low operating cost.   Throw in the fact that the My Heat sells for under $20 and you have a real winner.

More Information:

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