Breaking News: Brits Don’t Drink Warm Beer and They Do LIKE Cool Gadgets and Gifts

UK Beer

UK Beer

As a scholar of horrible TV shows and movies, I have learned that our friends over in the UK like to drink their beer warm.  I mean, that has just been a fact of life – travel to the UK and you will get fish and chips, other bad tasting food and nothing but a warm beer to wash it down.

Maybe life in the UK would not be so bad if they had cool gifts and gadgets to distract them from their warm beer and lousy food, but alas, another fact of life is all the cool gift and gadget sites are US based.  If you want to find the cool, hip gifts in the UK, you just need to pay an exorbitant ship fee to get the goods from the US.

Breaking News: Everything I Just Said Is Wrong

I hate when the world as I know it gets shattered by bothersome facts.  It turns out Brits don’t drink boiling hot beer.  To make matters worse, they do eat food other than fish and chips and some of it is quite tasty.  Perhaps, most bizarre of all, the UK does have cool gift and gadget stores such as Paramount Zone.

Testing Out The Products At Paramount Zone

Paramount Zone is a UK based ecommerce site that focuses on fun lifestyle accessories.  Here is a brief description from their site –

We have a team of dedicated searchers/testers who have evaluated thousands of products including shower radios, programmable Frisbees, cocktail shakers, alcohol checkers, projection clocks, golf gadgets, mp3 players and loads more… so as to provide you with a selection of the most up to date and desirable items. So, by bringing together a refined collection of lifestyle accessories, we enable you to spend less time looking for products, and more time enjoying them.”

Take a look at the Paramount Zone site and you will see the wide selection of cool gifts and gadgets they have available.  Here at DadDoes.Com, we are never satisfied with just looking at products, we want to get our hands on the product and see how fun and/or cool it really is.  So, in order to test out Paramount Zone, we tried out three of the products they are offering.

iHat, Because Your Ears Feel Warmer When Filled With Hot Music


The first product we tried out was the iHat Music Hat.  This is a winter hat with built in speakers that you can plug into your iPod, iPhone or any MP3 device.  A very simple design, the iHat plugs in just as any standard headphones would – no batteries, no drivers, no apps, simply a warm hat that pumps your tunes to your ears.

The sound quality of the iHat was just decent – you are not going to confuse the iHat with top of the line headphones, but then that is not the point of the iHat.  You might wear the iHat when on the slopes, building an igloo or just walking on a cold winter day.  The iHat is not looking to replace high fidelity headphones, it is looking to just add some music to a cold wintery day, and for that it works very well.  You can read more about the iHat Music Hat here.

Fine, Your Head is Warm, But What About Your Insides?

USB Cup Warmer

The iHat can keep your head warm, but how will you warm up your insides on a cool winter day?  With the USB Cup Warmer of course.  This cool…or should we say…hot little gadget can keep your warm beverage warm, no matter how many emails, tweets and status updates people try to throw at you before you can drink you cup of coffee.  Very simple to use, just plug into a USB jack and you have an instant cup warmer at your desk.  Read more about the USB Cup Warmer here.

Who Knew 216 Tiny Magnet Balls Could Be So Entertaining

Magnetic Balls

Now that your ears are warm and you have a nice hot beverage, how to pass the time on a cold winter day?  What about playing with 216 magnet balls?  The Magic Magnet Puzzle is bizarrely addictive and a good way to waste away hours.  You can build all types of designs with these tiny magnet balls, just keep them away from small children as they can be a real hazard if swallowed.   Read more about the Magic Magnet Puzzle.

Conclusion:  Paramount Zone Is A Good Place to Shop for Cool Gifts

While we just played with the above three gifts from Paramount Zone, it is clear they have an eye for the fun, hip and useful when it comes to gadgets and gifts.   The website is well laid out with plenty of videos and photos to show off the gadgets, and they also offer free UK delivery.  If it turns out that you do like warm beer, just use the USB cup warmer to warm your beer and live out the American stereotype of Brits drinking warm beer!

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