ZenWheels Micro Car Review, Is This a Toy or A Parallel Parking Simulator?

ZenWheels Micro Car

ZenWheels Micro Car

Remember when your iPhone was just a pocket computer, GPS, music player, TV, camera, voice recorder, game machine and wait, I know I am forgetting one…oh yeah, phone.   All of that was fine, but how is a guy supposed to control his RC army of cars, planes and helicopters?  So, they came up with apps that allow you to control radio controlled vehicles, and they were fun little toys.

Now Plantraco claims to have upped the ante with its iPhone controlled Bluetooth R/C car –  The ZenWheels Micro Car.  They claim the tiny micro car has unbelievable proportional precision controls with rack and pinion steering and super smooth gearbox allowing you to operate this iPhone controlled RC car like a real car.    They even claim you can parallel park this thing…them fighting words to a New Yorker!  We had to test this out…

Take a Look at Our Hands On Video Review of ZenWheels Micro Car -

Guys, If You Don’t Want The ZenWheels Micro Car Now, You May Be Dead

Did you see me parallel park that micro car?  What about the glowing blue lights under the car?  The Micro Car is such a well designed bluetooth controlled car, I am surprised it is not made by Apple and called the iCar.   The key to the fun of the Micro Car is the precision control.

The majority of RC cars focus on speed over handling, boasting 600 MPH scale speeds.  While it is fun to watch a tiny car fly off a table, it is hard to have any real races or driving experience if you can’t control the car.  The ZenWheels Micro car takes the complete opposite approach and gives you absolute precision control with real rack and pinion steering.  This greatly increases play value as you can drive the ZenWheels in small spaces like the kitchen table, your desk or on a bar!

Precision Control, But You Still Get Plenty of Bling

The ZenWheels Micro Car is a mechanical marvel that allows precision control, but it is not all about simulating the boredom of real driving.   As we show in the video,  you get plenty of bling with the Micro Car.  Blue lights on the bottom of the car, sirens, flashers, hazards and various other blinking lights.

In addition, you get one timing gate, which allows you to do race games.   The timing gate seems somewhat magical, simply drive over it and your phone knows you just finished the lap.  You also get 10 driving cones, so you can easily create a fun race course.  If you need more cones or timing gates, they are available at the ZenWheels site.

What Do You Get In The ZenWheels Micro Car Package?

  • ZenWheels Micro Car
  • USB Charge Cable (takes about 40 minutes to charge for 20 minutes of drive time)
  • 10 Traffic Cones (set up a course)
  • One Timing Gate (for Autocross Race Timing)
  • Premium Storage Case
  • Polycarbonate Jewel Case
  • Simple manual

What Is The Catch With The ZenWheels Micro Car?

As you can probably tell, we really enjoyed playing with the Micro Car and there is really only one major catch with this RC toy – the price.  The Micro Car retails for $89.95, which is considerably more than other RC race cars.  Kids would love the Micro Car, but the $89.95 price may put it more in the league of a gift for Dads.   The Mico Car is so much fun, I suggest you buy it for the kids, then spend all night playing with it when they go to bed.

Conclusion: ZenWheels Micro Car Shows That Precision Control Trumps Blazing Speed

The ZenWheels Micro Car is an amazing RC car that you will become instantly addicted to.  Luckily the battery needs to be recharged after 20 minutes (plugs into a USB jack, takes 40 minutes to recharge) otherwise I would easily waste hours trying to drive this car all around my desk.

The two possible negatives to the Micro Car are the price and the durability.  We worry that such a precision controlled car may have repair issues down the road and we will update this review after we have lived with the car for a few more weeks.  Still, the ZenWheels Micro Car is an incredibly fun toy that kids and adults will love.

More Information:

The ZenWheels Micro Car from Plantraco Retails for $89.95

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