Zoobles (by Spin Master) Review – Truly A Top Holiday Toy?

Zoobles Toy Review

Zoobles by Spin Master

By Mitch Neff

Dan here – This is part of our Real Dads (and Moms) Review The Top 16 Holiday Toys for 2010 series. We sent out the hot holiday toys to our members and in this series they are sharing their honest reviews before you waste any money on a flop! Want to get in on the fun next time – Join Us. Take it away, Mitch…

Zoobles – Hit Toy or Scary Aliens?

This is a great little toy! I should begin this review by telling you that after opening the Zoobles (http://www.zoobles.com) I was immediately given a “Thank you, Daddy! These are cool!” Essentially, these are the girl version of the recent boy hit, Bakugan.  Xman (boy, age 4) kept staring at the Zoobles wanting to play with them while Vlady (girl, age 3) was checking them out.  He soon got over his initial objection of “that’s a girl toy” (due to the BRIGHT pink and purple colors, no doubt) and proceeded to show his sister how the toy worked. He then insisted that he show her again every time the toys were brought out for play.

Zoobles… Bakugan for Girls

If you are familiar with Bakugan (as X is) then you know the basic concept of this toy. These little creatures collapse into a ball and when placed on their base (aka “Happitat”) or any metal surface a magnet inside releases the catch and ball transforms into its alien-animal shape. Their backstory calls them “mischievous, cute, quirky little creatures…” – I’m sticking with alien-animals.

Zoobles Toys – Another Toy for Your Kids to Collect

The toys seem rather rugged and designed to stand up to being thrown, bounced, and even occasionally fought over. The bright colors are very interesting for younger kids and grabs their attention. The action of the toys keeps their attention for longer than you would expect (at least for my little short attention spans). Like Bakugan and countless other toys, these are marketed as a “collect them all” toy and there are many to collect.

Zoobles Toy Review

Whether you spread them out over holidays and birthdays, or use them as rewards (like I am – I know, I’m a sucker), you might be able to keep the kids interested in these for a few years. The best thing about them is NO SMALL PARTS.  There are no little accessories to dig out from under the coffee table or between cushions. Yeah! That’s what this daddy is talking about…

Conclusion on Zoobles by Spin Master:

Verdict: Do Recommend. Your kids will dig these things and play with them for inexplicable amounts of time. Between the bright colors and the automatic shape-shifting action, Zoobles are a hit. Again with the add-ons, though… you will be buying many.

MitchMitch Neff is the grateful dad of the three Keepers of Awesomeness: S, X, and V. He works in IT Marketing in the Tampa, FL area. Mitch enjoys gadgets, technology, and building impromptu forts to keep the lava monsters out. You can follow his random Twitter musings @MitchNeff.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We were crazy enough to buy this toy with our own money! We sent the toy out to Mitch to review – he gets to keep the toy and be haunted by Zoobles in his sleep.  We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the toy. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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