Review: Culture Agents, Mission Beijing – Grab Your Briefcase, China is Calling

Culture Agents, Mission Beijing

Culture Agents, Mission Beijing

If my years of watching way too much TV have taught me anything, it is that International Secret Agents always have a cool briefcase.  So, when we received the “briefcase” that comes with Culture Agents: Mission Beijing, we knew they meant business.  We could try to explain this combination offline and online adventure which takes you to China to learn the culture, while on a mission to stop Xeno, the world’s most “ugly American”…but I really think a video would do it more justice.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of Culture Agents: Mission Beijing…

I Now Demand My Two Best Friends Change Their Names to Mobile Moxie and Onthego Mo

What is with all my friends having names like Kevin, Steven and Richard…how horribly boring.  As a Culture Agent you will only hang out with cooly named chaps like Mobile Moxie and Onthego Mo. Still confused as to what exactly a Culture Agent is and how this all works together in a game for kids ages 7 and up?  Here is the official description –

“The Culture Agents: Mission Beijing is the first in a series of adventures for today’s generation of globetrotting tweens. Users embark on a journey with their new friends, the Culture Agents, led by Mobile Moxie and Onthego Mo, to meet their counterpart, Maomao, who guides them in their discovery of Beijing, China. Together, the Culture Agents set out to stop Xeno and the Xenophobes from spreading fear, ignorance and arrogance throughout the world. The more they learn and share with others, the weaker the Xenophobes become.

Content is delivered through (1) the ‘top secret briefcase’ filled with activity files and agent gear (2) online activities, videos and more. The goal of each mission is to spark a lasting interest in other cultures and set the stage for a lifetime of self-driven cross-cultural and linguistic exploration. Users can experience this adventure from the comfort of their own home, school or on the go.”

Proving That The Internet Was Not Just Invented To Post Photos of Your Cat

We love technology, but it does seem like so much of it is wasted.  We have a billion people on Facebook, and as far as I can see that only serves the purpose of expediting the dissemination of cute cat photos.  When it comes to our children, we have the ability to take them on virtual tours and teach them about other cultures – but the trick has been, how do we do this in a fun way.  Culture Agents: Mission Beijing succeeds in finding the balance between teaching and fun gameplay.

We love the live weather and Twitter feeds from China.  The ability to watch videos and see photos that conveys the look and feel of Chinese culture is great for both parents and kids.   The kids liked some of the games better than others, but overall they really enjoyed learning about China and the ways it is different than the USA.

Conclusion: Culture Agents, Mission Beijing Provides A Fun Learning Experience

Overall, the whole family had a great time playing Culture Agents: Mission Beijing.  The videos, photos and games in each mission did a good job of holding the kids interest.   Culture Agents is not a great game for kids who are into fast paced video games and have short attention spans.  On the other hand, if your kids are interested in learning about China and feel comfortable on the computer, they will want to Wan all the time! Oh, Wan – that is Chinese for Play It… learned that in Culture Agents.

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Culture Agents: Mission Beijing (Ages 7-12) is $34 and Available from Culture Agents or Amazon

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