For The Love Of God, Please Keep Your Shiny New iPhone Out of The Kitchen



It is not easy leading the life of a daredevil Dad.  Everyday I need to figure out more risky and crazy stunts to pull off.  I was going to jump off the Moon with only a paper airplane strapped to my back, but after Felix Baumgartner’s stunt, that just didn’t seem risky enough.  Today, I am pulling out all the stops and walking into my kitchen with my brand new iPhone! Wait, it gets crazier, I will then drink a glass of water, in the kitchen…with my iPhone.  I will give you a minute to let the shock vibrate through your body.

New Study Shows The Kitchen Is the #1 Danger Zone for iPhones

SquareTrade®, the #1 consumer-rated technology protection plan, released new research this week showing that 51% of iPhone® accidents happen around the home – most commonly in the kitchen.   In fact, 21% of iPhone accidents in the home happen in the badlands of the kitchen.  The only thing worse than taking your iPhone into the kitchen is drinking a glass of water when in said kitchen.  43% of the time when a liquid is spilled on the iPhone, it is that dreaded and evil H2O.

Look We Have an Infographic, So You Know It Is All True

Perhaps you wonder if these statistics on iPhone accidents are really accurate?  Well, SquareTrade produced this Infographic, and as we all know, if it is in a Infographic, it has to be true…

SquareTrade Infographic

I Lied, I Am Not a Daredevil Dad, SquareTrade Has My Back

It is true, I did take my iPhone into the kitchen and yes I had a glass of water – but I only got up the nerve to do this because SquareTrade had my back.    I picked up a two year warranty for my iPhone from SquareTrade.  The very cool thing about a SquareTrade warranty for the iPhone is that it covers accidents and spills.

If the klutz side in me comes out and I knock a glass of water onto my iPhone, SquareTrade has me covered.  If my kids mistake my iPhone for a sponge, SquareTrade has me covered. There is a $50 deductible on any claim, but given that a new iPhone can cost over $700, that deductible does not seem bad for some peace of mind.

You’ve Got Gadgets, SquareTrade Has Coverage

SquareTrade provides coverage for a whole slew of gadgets and appliances.   We were impressed by how easy it was to use the website to quickly buy coverage.   A quick look at the reviews for SquareTrade at iTunes and Amazon shows that consumers have had a very positive experience with the company. You can also look at the SquareTrade Facebook page to see what people are saying about their incredible customer service.  As a parent, I just love the fact that drops and spills are covered by their iPhone warranty (this is NOT the case with the AppleCare warranty).

Okay, so maybe I am not a true Daredevil Dad, but at least I know I will not be without my Angry Birds for the next 2 years.

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