Review: Spy Net Ultra Night Vision Goggles, See AND Record In Complete Darkness

Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles

Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles

If you ask me what super power I would want, it would be hard to choose.  Top 5 I have to go with flying, healing powers, super strength, invisibility and X-Ray vision (you know, so I could make sure no one was boarding a plane with over 3 ounces of liquid).  That is just my top 5, as we moved into a top 10 list I would start adding things like the ability to talk to animals (It’s killing me, I need to know if my cat likes the turkey or chicken dinner better) and the ability to see in total darkness.

Jakks Pacific Grants Me My Wish To See In Total Darkness With the SpyNet Ultra Vision

My plan for world domination is now well underway as Jakks Pacific has granted me the power to see in total darkness with the new and improved Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles (sorry cat, I guess Jakks Pacific doesn’t care about you).  The Ultra Night Vision Goggles allow you to see…and here is the new thing…record video in total darkness by using Infrared technology.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Spy Net Ultra Night Vision Goggles…

Yes, You Really Can See (And Record) in Total Darkness

The Spy Net Ultra Vision is a toy that sells for under $50, so we were not expecting much when it came to the Night Vision, but we were blown away by the quality.  In Long Range Mode a small Infrared light on the front of the goggles, that emits barely visible red light, gives you a viewing range of about 50 feet, even in total darkness.  If you want an absolute stealth mode for up close spying, you can switch it to Short Range Mode.  In this mode, absolutely no light that is visible to the human eye is emitted, so you will not be spotted in your spying missions.  The only down side to Short Range Mode is that you probably only get a range of about 20 feet.

More Than Just Night Vision Goggles…

Jakks Pacific went all out to up the feature set on the Night Vision Goggles and really increase the play value, even in the daytime.  Of course the big addition to the Ultra Vision goggles is the ability to record video and audio (and take photos).  You do need to supply your own mini-SD card, but once you do, you can record anything you see with the Ultra Vision.  This means the Ultra Vision goggles are not just Night Vision goggles, but also a video camera (640 x 480 resolution).

The other key additions to the Ultra Vision are the different modes.  You  have a Thermal Tech mode, Ghost Recon and three different scopes that can overlay the screen.  In testing the Ultra Vision, we found this additional modes really increased the imaginative play value of this toy.  The kids came up with all types of games that involved tracking zombies, ghosts and lots of blaster wars – using all the different modes.  Of course, being able to record videos of all the mayhem is a major bonus.

What Could Make The Spy Net Ultra Vision Even Better…

As much as we loved playing with the Ultra Vision Goggles, it would be even better if they were Ultra Vision Binoculars!  They already have the scopes and targeting, it would be really cool if you could zoom and magnify with the Ultra Vision.   We understand this may be a lot to ask of a $50 toy…but it would be super cool!

Conclusion:  The Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles, A Whole Lot of Technology, A Whole Lot of Fun

We see a lot of toys that have added technology just for the Wow factor.  Really, does every board game now need to tie into your iPad?  The Spy Net Ultra Night Vision Goggles definitely have a lot of technology, but it is all focused around making a super fun toy! I am not sure how they get a TV screen, lens, Infrared lights, Night Vision and a video camera into a $50 toy, but I am glad they did.

If you have kids who like to do spy missions and play in the dark, they will love the Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles.  The Spy Net Night Vision goggles were good in the past, but the added ability to record whatever you see, even in complete darkness, takes the toy to a new level of fun.  Just think of what the kids may capture at night on your next camping trip…actually, maybe you don’t want to know.

Okay Jakks Pacific, you have given me the ability to see in total darkness, how about you give me the flying super power in 2013?

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Visit SpyNet HQ (Jakks Pacific) To Learn More.  The SpyNet Ultra Vision (Ages 8+) retails for $49.95

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