Micro Touch Max Review, The Hair Trimmer You Will Love…Or Hate

MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer Review

MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer Review

There are so many things that suck about getting older, but for me, turning into a hairy beast definitely makes the top 10.  I am in no way vain, I could not recognize “good style” if it bit me in the nose, but I am still conscious enough to realize that hair growing out of your nose and ears is not a good look.   You can explain away the grey that comes with getting older as a “distinguished look”, but it is hard to put a positive spin on hair growing out of your ears… the Werewolf look is coming back?

Is The Micro Touch Max Hair Trimmer Your New Best Friend?

You know what they say, for every problem there is a solution.  The Micro Touch Max All-In-One Personal Trimmer promises to solve all your precision grooming needs.   I know, not the most exciting of products, but unfortunately something many of us guys could now use.  Does the Micro Touch Max remove hair as easily as they show in those As Seen on TV commercials? Since you can not buy the Micro Touch Max in stores, we decided we should get our hands on one of these As Seen on TV products and see if the trimmer is worth your money.

Let’s Look at Our Video Review of the Micro Touch Max Hair Remover…

Why You Will Love the Micro Touch Max Trimmer

If you are looking for a quick, portable and simple device to trim away nose hairs, ear hairs and that occasional crazy long eyebrow hair that came out of nowhere, you will love the Micro Touch Max.  The device is simple and easy to use.  Throw in a battery, turn the switch on and trim away those annoying hairs (no shaving cream needed).  The addition of a light and more power makes this version of the MicroTouch a very nice trimming tool.

Why You Will Hate The Micro Touch Max Trimmer

On the infomercials, they basically describe the Micro Touch Max as a replacement for razors and trimmers.  They talk about how you can trim your hair and groom your beard of mustache.   Sadly, this was not the case in our testing.  The Micro Touch Max just doesn’t have the power to do serious hair trimming and if your buy the Micro Touch Max for this reason, you will be disappointed.

The fact that the Micro Touch Max does not live up to the hype as a full service trimmer, has lead to plenty of negative reviews of the Micro Touch Max.  If you are looking for a trimmer that can cut your hair and do all the things that expensive electric trimmers can do, you will be disappointed. We tend to think this comparison is somewhat unfair as the Micro Touch Max sells for only about $14.95, so we never expected to get a full power electric razor.

Conclusion: The Micro Touch Max, It’s All About Your Expectations

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to trim hair around your nose and ears, the Micro Touch Max trimmer is a fine choice.  For under $15 you get a grooming tool that can quickly remove those hard to reach hairs that your razor may miss.   On the other hand, if you are looking for a trimmer that can trim your beard, even out a hair cut and basically replace your electric trimmer, you will be disappointed.  For us, we will gladly pay $15 bucks to make sure we don’t look like “that Dad” that your kids’ friends mistake for a Werewolf.

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