Tickle Me Plant, Because Tickle Me Mimosa Pudica, Just Isn’t That Catchy

TickleMe Plant

TickleMe Plant

This summer we took an amazing vacation to Costa Rica.  Oh, if you are with the IRS, please read this version – This summer we slaved away in Costa Rica on a business trip, doing real world reviews.   We already made the case how we HAD to go to Costa Rica to test the Therapik and D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion, but I just realized we were working even harder in Costa Rica.

While in the Rain Forest, our tour guide had us touch a plant that would immediately close its leaves in response to our touch.  It turns out it was the Mimosa Pudica plant, and much to my relief it is neither poisonous or man eating.  Amazingly, we recently received a product called The Deluxe TickleMe Plant Family Greenhouse, to review.  What is the TickleMe Plant? It is the same Mimosa Pudica we saw in Costa Rica – yet further proof to our friends in the IRS – Costa Rica was a big business trip!

Grow Some Plants, Them Tickle Them!

What exactly is the The Deluxe Tickle Me Plant Family Greenhouse?  A very cool kit that comes with everything you need to grow the Mimosa Pudica plants right in your house.  You get three seed packets (10-20 seeds per packet), six soil pellets, six little planters and a plastic greenhouse.  Simply follow the instructions and in about 3 weeks you will have plants that will respond to your tickle!

Here is a quick video that shows the TickleMe Plants -

Grow Plants, Learn Science and Tickle a Plant

The TickleMe Plant kits are a different type of science kit.  Most science kits involve something fizzing or blowing up – which is great, but there is more to science than just mixing baking soda and vinegar.  With the TickleMe Plant kits you grow the plants and can then do all types of fun experiments to see how the plants react.  Of course, touching a plant and watching it almost magically react to your touch never gets old!

More Information:

The Deluxe TickleMe Plant Family Greenhouse Sells for $21.95.  Learn More at TickleMe Plant.

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