Review: Bestek Wall Charging Station, Charge Away With 1,875 Watts of Power

Bestek Wall Charging Station

Bestek Wall Charging Station

iPhones, iPads, iPods – all beautifully designed gadgets.  So sleek, so clean…that is until you need to charge everything up.  At that point your table is overrun with various cables, chargers and general chaos.   Now the Bestek Wall Charging Station looks to calm the chaos with a well designed, all-in-one surge protector and super powerful charging station.

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With 1,875 Watts Of Power, Your Gadgets Will Never Go Hungry Again

Let’s be honest, charging stations are not the most exciting of products.  We love our gadgets, R/C toys, phones and cameras, but no one spends too much time thinking about chargers.  Still the Bestek Wall Charging Station is well designed, filled with power and will help you clean-up your charging clutter.

Here are the specs on the Bestek Wall Charging Station:

  • Six US 110V AC outlets with a total of 1,875W of power.  Plenty of power for your favorite devices such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, computers and more
  • Four USB ports ( two with 2.1A – providing 10 watts of power, two with 1A- providing 5 watts of power): simultaneously charge four of your favorite tech gadgets (including iPads and smart phones)
  • ABS anti-fire base material; built-in fuse; over-load / short circuit / surge protection
  • 12 month warranty
  • Integrated blue LED nightlight with two brightness levels
  • LED power indicators for USB and AC output
  • USB circuits with overload and short circuit protection

Yes, The Bestek Wall Charging Station Will Charge Your iPad

Here is something that is common to tech geeks, but less well known to busy parents…the iPad battery needs to be charged with a more powerful adapter than the iPhone.  Your iPhone uses a 5 watt charger.  The iPad comes with a 10 watt charger.  Many universal chargers have USB ports, but they are often just 1amp ports.

Time for some quick math.  Watts = Voltage x Amps.  The voltage on any USB port is always 5 Volts.  So, if you just have a 1amp USB port (as is in the case on computers), you only get 5 Watts of power out of it (5 x 1).  Since the iPad needs 10 Watts to charge, you need a USB port that is 2 amps (5 x 2).  The Bestek gives you two 2 amp USB ports, which means two USB ports that put out 10 Watts of power.  Simple translation, your iPad will charge with no problem on the Bestek Wall Charging Station.

Conclusion:  The Bestek Wall Charging Station, With Great Power Comes Great Convenience

If you have a number of gadgets that use USB to charge, and you would like to reduce night table clutter, you will love the Bestek Wall Charging Station.  The All-In-One charger and surge protector is well designed and filled with the power necessary to handle whatever you connect to it.  Is the Bestek Wall Charging Station the most exciting of gadgets?  No, but it will make it much easier to keep all your exciting gadgets filled with juice.

More Information:

The Bestek Wall Charging Station sells for About $19.95 On Amazon.Com

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