Review: Alien Technology ORB, Finally A RC Toy For Directionally Challenged Pilots



2012 has been an incredible year for remote controlled flying toys.  We have seen R/C Helicopters that fire missiles and a spy helicopter that shoots videos – all incredibly cool, but they do require some skills as a pilot.   Now, even the most pilot challenged among us can get into the R/C fun with the Alien Technology ORB from EB Brands.

The ORB is a RC UFO that is “un-crashable” and always lands upright.   Wait, can that be a right?  An RC flying toy that is Un-crashable?  If we are an expert in one thing, it is in crashing and breaking things.  We knew if the ORB could survive a few hours of our testing, then it truly would be un-crashable.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the R/C ORB -

You Can Crash The ORB, You Just Can’t Break It

As the video shows, you can still crash the ORB, but the good news is that it is very hard to have a crash that does any damage.  We smashed the ORB into the ceiling, walls, cats, unsuspecting spouses and the strange Alien UFO just kept on flying.

If you do crash, in just seconds you will be back up in the air thanks to the patented “Auto-Upright” landing technology.  The ORB always manages to land upright and ready to take off on its next mission.  As we show in the video, you can even do a mid air takeoff by holding the ORB, giving it some juice via the remote, then let it go and watch it fly.

A Lack of Battery Power…The One Thing That Can Ground The ORB

For 5-6 minutes, the ORB is truly a fun and un-crashable R/C UFO.  Unfortunately, after the 6 minute mark, the battery power dies and you are grounded for about 30-40 minutes while you recharge the ORB.   This problem is not unique to the ORB, almost all consumer level RC helicopters only provide 6-10 minutes of fly time before they need to be recharged.   Luckily recharging is a simple process, just plug the ORB into the remote and in about 30 minutes you will be back in the air.

The ORB  Looks Even Cooler At Night

If you are going to fly an Alien Technology ORB, it just feels right to do it in near total darkness.  The ORB has cool LED lights that gives it a very cool alien vibe in the dark.  How do you fly in the dark without crashing into things?  You do crash into things!  The great thing is, it doesn’t matter, since the ORB just bounces off walls and keeps on going.

The ORB is The Fun RC Toy For People Who Don’t DO RC Toys

As much as we love RC toys, we know there is a whole group of parents and kids who just don’t do RC flying toys anymore.  Perhaps you have become frustrated with the learning curve on RC helicopters and their fragile nature.  The ORB may just be the toy to bring you back into the world of RC toys.  The ORB is easy to fly, and just plain fun.  There is something great about crashing an Alien UFO  into the ceiling and not caring!

Conclusion:  The RC Alien ORB, A Strange Looking RC Toy That Is Fun For Everyone

You will find more sophisticated R/C toys than the ORB.  The ORB does not have a video camera or fire missiles.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a R/C toy that is just plain fun – you will have a hard time beating the ORB.  The “un-crashable” nature of the ORB make it a great toy for younger kids…if they can ever get it away from their Dad who will have an absolute blast playing with the ORB.

Yes, the short flight time before needing to recharge is a drag, but as long as this negative is not a deal breaker for you, there is a lot to love about the RC ORB.    The ORB is easy to fly, un-crashable, always lands right side up and looks spooky cool at night!  Perhaps best of all, when you keep crashing into things and your kid says, “Dad, you are a terrible pilot” you can say, “No I’m not, I’m just testing the un-crashable claim of the ORB!

More Information:

The ORB is For Ages 8+ ($49.95 Retail).  More From EB Brands

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