Review: Action Shot Camera, Because Everything Is Cooler When Captured On Video

Action Shot Camera from Jakks Pacific

Action Shot Camera from Jakks Pacific

Active kids do a lot of crazy, wacky and fun things.   Among other things, kids ride bikes, do jumps, skateboard, climb like monkeys, have Nerf battles, ski and generally move like a blur with an energy level us parents can only dream about.   One of the hassles about being a kid is having to try to convince your friends about all the cool things you did while they weren’t looking.  Hassle be gone says Jakks Pacific! Jakks Pacific has just released the Action Shot Digital Video Camera.

Action Shot Camera Lets Kids Capture The Coolness of Being a Kid

The Action Shot Camera is a compact but powerful camera that allows kids to capture all the action – both with video and still photos.  Kids can mount the Action Shot camera to their handlebars or wear it on their head with the included head strap.  Either way, in no time at all, kids will be capturing everything they do…well unless, they do something bad…then they will delete that clip.

Let’s Take a Look At The Action Shot Camera in…well…ACTION!

The Action Shot Camera Is More About The Action, Than The Camera

As you can tell from the above video, the quality of the Action Shot camera is fine, but it is not going to have video camera manufacturers shaking in their boots.  Here are the specs on the Action Shot Camera that we reviewed:

  • VIDEO MODE 1: VGA Resolution (640×480) at 30 frames per second
  • VIDEO MODE 2: QVGA Resolution (320×240) at 60 frames per second
  • PHOTOS: 640×380 Resolution
  • 128MB of On-Board Memory
  • MicroSD card slot to add more memory
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery + USB charger
  • Helmet Mount
  • Adhesive Mount
  • Protective/Mounting Case
  • USB Connection
  • Retail Price: $49.95

That last feature – the $49.95 price – is important to understanding how the Action Shot Camera is being sold.   The Action Shot is not trying to compete with the $200 helmet mounted action cameras on the market.  At a $50 price point, Jakks Pacific is trying to give younger kids a less expensive way to get into the action video fun.

The Action Shot Camera is Really A System, Not Just a Camera

As we show in the video, Jakks Pacific makes a number of accessories for the Action Shot camera.  You can buy an LCD screen if you want instant playback of what you just recorded.  Or maybe you will go with the waterproof case if you like to ski or just play in the lake.  More of a daredevil?  Then you want the Shockproof case.  In fact, if you really are not happy with the video quality, you can buy the Action Shot HD Camera – it will set you back $99, but you get HD video.

What We Liked About the Action Shot Camera

After testing out the Action Shot Camera for a few weeks, we were impressed.  The camera is super simple to use, feels pretty rugged and the battery can go 2-4 hours before you need to recharge. We consider the battery power a huge advantage in a product marketed to kids.  Kids are not going to remember to charge it up all the time, they just want to grab it, click a button and be recording the Nerf war they are having a second later.  The long battery life means the Action Shot can go long periods without needing a recharge.

One of our initial negatives about the camera – no viewfinder and no screen – ended up being a positive in the end.  The kids actually liked recording something and then having to wait until they played it back on the computer to see how it turned out.  Often we had some very funny results and it became a family experience to watch all the clips on the computer.  In addition, I am sure the battery life is greatly enhanced by not having a LCD screen.  If your kids really want the instant gratification, they do make an LCD screen attachment for the Action Shot camera.

What We Did NOT Like About the Action Shot Camera

The biggest complaint people will have about the Action Shot is the non-HD video resolution.  However, as this is marketed as a product for kids, we were fine with the video resolution.  At points, during hide speed rides, you sometimes get a black frame or two popping up in the video.  Not a huge deal, but something we noticed in editing.

Our biggest complaint with the Action Shot Camera has nothing to do with the Camera.  As part of the purchase, you can download video editing software from the Action Shot website.  We found the software confusing, slow and hard to figure out.  Perhaps they rushed the software out and it will be fixed with future updates.  It is great that you get free video editing software, we just wished it was easier to understand.  Of course, you can use your own video editing software, which is what we did.

Conclusion: Action Shot Camera, A Fun Way To Capture the Joys of Being A Kid

In the end, active kids ages 8 and up will love playing with the Action Shot Camera.  The camera is simple to use, durable during our testing and encourages kids to get moving…always a great thing!  I am sure kids will come up with all types of creative uses for the Action Shot Camera – if you have a pet, you can be certain the Action Shot will end up around their collar in no time.

If the idea of handing over your new iPhone 5 to your 8 year old son, so he can film himself jumping over his brother, fills your with fear, get him the Action Shot Camera from Jakks Pacific and rest a little easier!

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The Action Shot Camera from Jakks Pacific (Ages 8+) Retails for $49.95

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