15% Off Promo Code For Mattel Toys, Simply Because We Love You

Promo Code DADDOES 15% Off Mattel Toys

Promo Code DADDOES 15% Off Mattel Toys

As much as we have tried to get Obama or Romney to run on the platform of Free Toys For Everyone, we have not been successful…yet.  Come on, if information wants to be free, why can’t toys be free?  We review so many cool toys here, but they all have that one major negative – money must be exchanged to receive these cool toys.

It Ain’t Free, But 15% Off All Mattel Toys is A Start

Maybe the idea of trying to get all toys to be free is too ambitious, I hear tell that Rome was not built in a day.  So, to get us at least moving in the right direction we just interrogated some Mattel employee until he coughed up a coupon code.  After 28 hours he gave up this promo code –

Mattel Promotional Code:  DADDOES

Save 15% Off Any Toy At Shop.Mattel.Com (Expires 11/21/12)

Strange how the promo code was the name of our site.  We could have tried guessing that and saved the poor guy 28 hours of interrogation, oh well, live and learn.

Stock Up On Some Great Mattel and Hot Wheels Toys, While Saving 15%

Yes, with our EXCLUSIVE Mattel coupon code you save 15% off all the super fun Mattel and Hot Wheels toys (expires 11/21/12).    We love the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister, but it is expensive.  Use the DADDOES coupon code and suddenly it becomes a much better deal.   The Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher is awesome and it becomes even more awesome when you get it at 15% off.

You get the idea, just head over to Shop.Mattel.Com and pick out some great toys.  When you reach the Checkout screen you will see a spot for “Promotional Code“.  Simply enter “DADDOES” and bang! you will get 15% off your order.

Yes, We Are Trying to Break Down All The Other Toy Companies As Well

Mattel was just the start, we will now turn our interrogation methods to the other toy companies, in hopes of lining up some more great deals for you.  In the meantime, we are working on getting Santa to jump in the race for president, he would clearly support our platform of free toys for everyone!

More Information:

To get the Promotional Code (Coupon Code) visit http://shop.mattel.com and enter promo code DADDOES at checkout.  You will get 15% off your order.

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