Hot Holiday Toy Review – Squinkies by Blip Toys

Squinkies Toy Review

Squinkies by Blip Toys

By Mitch Neff

Dan here – This is part of our Real Dads (and Moms) Review The Top 16 Holiday Toys for 2010 series. We sent out the hot holiday toys to our members and in this series they are sharing their honest reviews before you waste any money on a flop! Want to get in on the fun next time – Join Us. Take it away, Mitch…

Squinkies by Blip Toys – A Toy So Cute It Might Drive You Crazy

Squinkies ( are ridiculously cute.  You need to be aware of this because your child will go gaga over them.  The set reviewed was the “Pets” Collection.  There are multiple other sets available including Friends, Babies, Puppies, Kitties, Ponies, and more.  Many different play sets are also available to enhance the play experience for your child.

Squinkies, The Toy That Lives in a Plastic Bubble

Each Squinkie comes in a little plastic bubble, similar to what you would find in the row of quarter monsters outside your local discount store.  The play sets incorporate that feature by having a vending machine style container with a knob and “coin slot” to dispense the little creatures to your child to play with.  This is a great and rather inexpensive “add-on” toy for a little girl.  The sets and collections can be collected and built upon over the course of time.

Squinkies and 3 Year Old Girls – A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

V (girl, age 3) loved the little creatures and greatly enjoyed bringing them to me one by one and telling me what kind of animal they were and what she had named them.  Her older brother even showed some (limited) interest in them when she would bring them out, albeit mainly to tell her if he thought she had misclassified a creature (To be honest, I still have no idea if that was a poodle or a sheep).

Squinkies Toy Review

Be Ready for a Squinkies Search and Rescue Party

On the downside, you should be aware that you will be finding tiny creatures and little plastic bubbles hidden all over the play area and they are small enough to present a choking hazard to small children (especially if one rolls under the furniture unnoticed – yikes!)  Like any other add-on toy, the kids will now have a new incessant request to repeat mantra-style the next time (and every time) you enter your local toy store/Wal-Mart/Dante’s Ninth Circle.  But if it wasn’t Squinkies, it would be something else, so that is really not an issue.

Conclusion on Squinkies by Blip Toys

Verdict: Do Recommend. Be aware the shelf life with your child may be limited unless you keep feeding them add-ons and collecting more creatures.

MitchMitch Neff is the grateful dad of the three Keepers of Awesomeness: S, X, and V. He works in IT Marketing in the Tampa, FL area. Mitch enjoys gadgets, technology, and building impromptu forts to keep the lava monsters out. You can follow his random Twitter musings @MitchNeff.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We were crazy enough to buy this toy with our own money! We sent the toy out to Mitch to review – he gets to keep the toy and spend hours searching for lost Squinkies. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the toy. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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