Review: Erector Gears of War COG Centaur Tank, Yes, A Gears of War Erector Set

Gears of War COG Centaur Tank, Erector Set

Gears of War COG Centaur Tank, Erector Set

Gears of War, one of the most popular third person shooter video games in which millions of kids have clocked endless hours battling away in this graphically intense video game series.  The Erector Set, the classic metal construction toy, invented in 1911 and one of your grandparents’ favorite toys.   It is hard to imagine much of an overlap between Gears of War players and Erector set fans, but imagination be damned, the new Gears of War Erector Sets are here!

Gears of War Erector Set, Now You Can Build Your Own COG Centaur Tank

Gears of War might have incredible 3D graphics, but in the end it is still just a video game.  If you want to bring some of the vehicles from Gears of War to life, you will need to build them yourself.   Since building a real Centaur Tank is probably a little outside the skill set for even the most ambitious parent, you might want to go with the Erector Gears of War Centaur Tank Construction Set.

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Does It Make Sense To Have A Gears of War Toy For Eight Year Olds?

We have no idea.  Gears of War is a violent video game, so we can completely understand if some parents don’t like the idea of their 8 -12 years olds building tanks from this video game.  On the other hand, there are probably plenty of Dads who play Gears of War and like the idea of doing a construction set with their kids based on vehicles in the game.  After all, there are plenty of other construction sets that allow kids to build vehicles with weapons.

We are going to take a pass on the whole issue of if kids should play with toys from more adult oriented video games.  Instead, we are going to focus on reviewing the Gears of War Erector Set from a, is it a good construction kit for kids angle.

What You Get With the Erector Gears of War Centaur Construction Kit

Here is what you will get in the Centaur Tank construction set box –

  • More than 120 metal and plastic parts
  • Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole and two Locust Drone figures
  • Four weapons
  • Stickers for the tank
  • Tools to put everything together
  • Building instructions

When You Build An Erector Set, It Feels Like You Are Doing Something

The great thing about Erector sets is that they use things like screws and nuts.  So many toys today are just made of cheap plastic parts that are glued together, it is always refreshing to put something together with real metal screws and nuts.   The Centaur Tank felt very solid once we put it together and the kids liked the look of it with some exposed metal screws…it all kind of works with the Gears of War theme.

An Instruction Manual Short on Words, But Long on Pictures

The instruction manual is one of those universal manuals that can be read by someone in any country of the world.  How is that possible?  Simple, they uses basically no words and everything is explained by diagrams.  The diagrams are well done and accurate and we had no problems following the steps to get the Gears of War Centaur built.

Conclusion:  Strange As It Sounds, Gears of War and Erector Sets Make Great Partners

A few weeks ago, if you asked me to make a list of 50 toy brands to pair together, Gears of War and Erector would NOT have been on that list.  At fist glance, it seems like an Odd Couple pairing, but after building the Gears of War Erector COG Centaur, we have to say the pairing really works well.

Erector sets are great toys, that teach children how to build – but clearly lack the “cool factor” that video game obsessed kids find important.  By making a line of Gears of War Erector Sets you bring the cool factor to Erector Sets.  In addition to the Centaur set they also make a COG Armadillo, COG King Raven and Locusts vs Delta Squad Battle Set.  If you are okay with introducing toys from Gears of War to your kids and looking for a great construction set that is fun to build, the Gears of War Erector Centaur Tank kit is a great choice.

More Information:

The Gears of War Erector C.O.G. Centaur Tank (Ages 8+, $34.99) Is Available from Toys R Us

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