Review: Micro Chargers, Cars That Are So Small, So Fast and So Fun

Micro Chargers Miniature Race Cars

Micro Chargers Miniature Race Cars

I now lay awake at night wondering if toy cars can really get any smaller or any faster.  Yes, after spending some time testing the new Micro Chargers, fast charging miniature race cars from Moose Toys, I am starting to think we may be approaching the limit of small, fast race cars.  After all, can you really get a toy race car which is the size of your finger tip to go any faster than 600 MPH scale speed?

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Micro Chargers from Moose Toys -

Don’t Just Race The Micro Chargers, Collect and Trade Them

As the video shows, the Micro Chargers are small, fast and fun to drive off chairs.   The fact that it only takes about 5-10 seconds to charge up the Micro Chargers means kids will actually play with them.  Of course racing and using the stunt tracks is fun, but we also enjoyed coming up with our own stunts and jumps.

In addition to the racing and stunts, there is a collectible and trading aspect to the Micro Chargers.  There are 34 different Micro Charger race cars.  As we described, some cars are stunt cars, while others are race cars.  Each car comes with a trading card that has the unique attributes of that race car.

If You Want to Race Either Buy a Track Set or Buy a Bigger House, Your Call

The speed of the Micro Chargers is both a major advantage and disadvantage.  If you are going to race the Micro Chargers on a track, having 600 MPH scale speed is awesome for doing loops and making jumps.  On the other hand, if you just want to race the Micro Chargers on the floor…well, you are going to need a whole lot of floor.

When you play with the Micro Chargers on the floor they tend to spin, flip and somehow find their way into every dusty corner of your house.  Since the instructions explain you should avoid dust, letting the Micro Chargers loose on the floor is a  bit of a risk.

We did have fun racing the Micro Chargers in bowls, on chairs, air hockey tables…basically any surface that is smooth.  My guess is this will be the real appeal for kids – doing stunts.  Racing can be tricky as the cars can flip over due to their high speed and small size.

Conclusion:  Micro Chargers, A Whole Lot of Fun In A Super Tiny Package

We have reviewed numerous small, fast cars, like the Hot Wheels R/C Nitro Speeders.  The Micro Chargers are different because they are not remote controlled and only take 5-10 seconds to charge.  The Micro Chargers provide more instant gratification, hold a button down for 10 seconds, press the release button and watch the car go wild for about 30 seconds.  No complicated controls to learn, no trim adjustments on a remote, no hour long wait for a recharge – simply a quick burst of fun.

You can buy a Micro Chargers Launch Pack ($12.99), which has one car and a launcher.  If you are looking for a more complete experience, you can go with one of the track sets, like the Micro Chargers Jump Track which has tracks, two cars and two chargers and goes for about $30.  In either case, if you have kids ages 5+ who like fast cars, they will love the quick charging, fast racing, Micro Chargers.

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