You Give Us 146 Minutes, We’ll Give You The Top Toys of 2012

Top Toys for 2012

Top Toys for 2012

Fine, it doesn’t exactly have the same ring as the 1010 Wins News Radio Slogan…”YOU GIVE US 22 MINUTES, WE’LL GIVE YOU THE WORLD” – but hey, we are covering something much more important than world news – we’re talking toys!  We could have produced only 145 minutes of real world toy review videos for 2012 and called it a day, but that’s not how we roll… we cranked it up to 146 minutes – just because we care.

Really, what else could you possibly have to do today, that is more important than watching 2 hours and 26 minutes of videos we have done on the top toys for 2012?  Wait a minute, I’ll be right back, I think the kids just set the house on fire…

All Toys Really Want to Be Video Stars

Over the last two years we have done plenty of articles on toy reviews and writing up the best toys for 2012.  Search through our site and you will find no shortage of posts such as – Top Girl Toys for 2012, Top Boy Toys of 2012, and our philosophy on doing honest toy reviews.  All fine and well, but really, those articles are filled with words.  Even worse, some of those words have upwards of 5 letters…who has time to read all that?

What we have found in talking to the toys (wait, you don’t talk to your toys?) is that they want to be video stars.  They want to be played with and videoed for all the world to see.  Yes, it turns out toys are exhibitionist.  Who are we to deny toys their manifest destiny?  So, we have produced tons of hands-on video reviews with the top toys of 2012.

To Help You Sort Through The Toy Reviews, We Give You Some Rocking Playlists

Think playlists are just for music?  Think again.  Over on our YouTube Channel we have come up with a number of video playlists focused on our toy reviews.  Here is what we have –

Top Toy Reviews of 2012 – This is the full mother load, 146 minutes of toys reviews, we guarantee at least 2 minutes of it is truly captivating.  Use the playlist above to watch all of our top toy reviews from 2012.

Top Shooting Toys and Blasters for Boys 2012 – Okay, things like Nerf Blasters, Xploderz and Vapor are called “boy toys”, but really, blasting things is fun for boys and girls!  New for 2012 were the Nerf N-Force Elite Blasters, Xploderz X2 and Vapor Delta blasters.  No idea what we are talking about?  Click the link and spend a mere 21 minutes watching this playlist and you will be a blaster master!

Best RC Toys of 2012 – 2012 was a big year for R/C (remote control) toys.  Air Hogs came out with cars that fly and shoot missiles and a robotic turret that can track and fire missiles at a RC helicopter.  Interactive Toy Concepts went spy crazy with the Wi-Spi Helicopter and Intruder car.  Plus, numerous other companies made improvements in what is possible with an R/C helicopter.  Long Live RC Toys!

Best Outdoor Toys for 2012 – some toys just want to be free.  Go outside and set these toys free!  We have everything from the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister to the super fun Razor Flash Rider 360.  Yes, the weather is getting colder, but having fun always warms the heart.

Not Full From 146 Minutes of Toy Review Videos? Don’t Worry We’ll Make More

As we write this, there are still 90 days left in 2012, which gives us plenty of time to break the 200 minute mark.  If you want to know when we produce new videos, just hop over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe.  Of course, we do more than just toy reviews, so hop over to YouTube to see all of our product reviews.  We are currently in the planning phases of our latest invention, a machine that shoots popcorn out of your screen while you watch our videos.

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