Cell Lock-Up, Because Disturbing The Peace is A Crime…Especially At Dinner

Cell Lock-Up

Cell Lock-Up

Isn’t technology grand?  Now, instead of having a family conversation at dinner, we can all hack away at our phones and avoid the annoyance of social interaction.  Wait, I got that wrong – technology sucks…especially at dinner time.  If you are a Mom or Dad who has had it with the teens always punching away at their cell phones, you will love this…

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Cell Lock-Up, A Gag Gift With the Perfect Name

We are suckers for well named products and Cell Lock-Up from EB Brands is such a clever name.  Cell phones locked up in a jail cell – pure naming genius.  Yes, this is a gag gift, but it is an incredibly well done gag gift.  As the video shows, the Cell Lock-Up has some great sound effects and does have a count down timer, so everyone can see how much longer they must endure real human interaction.

The Cell Lock-Up Works Perfectly At Home Or The Office

As far as gag gifts go, the Cell Lock-Up is very versatile.   Moms and Dads will love having a Cell Lock-Up in the dinning room, when it is time to eat, everyone has to lock up their phone.  The Cell Lock-Up would also work great in an office conference room.  A meeting coming up?  Everyone has to lock up their phone in the Cell Lock-Up.  Actually just the six most ADD people have to lock up their phones, since Cell Lock-Up holds up to six phones.

If you are tired of the constant cell phone distractions, the Cell Lock-Up is great and fun product to have. Looking to give a family that subtle hint that they have become cell phone junkies?  Give them the Cell Lock-Up, hopefully they will not be too distracted to get the hint.

More Information:

Cell Lock-Up, From EB Brands, Sells for $19.95

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