Review: Robocopter GST Special Edition, Awesome RC Helicopter, Terrible Robot

Robotcopter GST Special Edition

Robotcopter GST Special Edition

When you hear the name “Robocopter GST Special Edition” what do you imagine?  I was thinking some crazy part robot, part helicopter monster with Giant Spinning Torpedoes.  The bad news? It turns out the Robocopter GST  is not a robot at all and doesn’t have a single Giant Spinning Torpedo.  The good news?  The Robocopter GST Special Edition is a well made R/C helicopter that is a joy to fly.

Easy to Fly R/C Helicopter? No, That is Not An Oxymoron

We quickly got over our disappointment about not having a monster robot helicopter to review as soon as we piloted the Robocopter.  The Robocopter is actually fun and dare we say it, easy to fly.

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Robocopter GST Special Edition -

No Missiles, No Cameras, No Flips, Just Old Fashion Flying

Recently we have reviewed some incredibly feature rich RC toys.  We’ve had flying cars that shoot missiles, helicopters with video cameras and RC cars that have built in night vision.  These are all great toys, but some kids will just want a highly stable, easy to pilot R/C helicopter that is fun to fly.  For these kids the Robocopter GST Special Edition is the perfect fit.

As the video shows, the Robocopter GST is very easy to fly.  The 3-Channel R/C Helicopter has Gyro stability, which gives it a very smooth flight.  Often trimming a R/C helicopter can be a challenge, especially for younger kids, but the Robocopter GST required very little trimming to fly straight.  Overall, kids ages 10 and up should have no problem mastering the controls on this indoor helicopter and getting some great flights.

Look Ma, I’m Made of Bolted Metal!

In a world where it seems like every toy is made of plastic, it is refreshing to see the Robocopter GST Special Edition made of bolted metal.  Yes, they actually use real screws to hold together metal to make the shell of the Robocopter.  The metal gives the Robocopter a very sturdy feel and a snazzy look.

We had very few crashes, but the metal Robocopter had no problem surviving the few accidents we did have.  If you do end up breaking a rotor fear not, the Robocopter comes with replacement rotors.

As With Any RC Helicopter, Prepare Your Kids For 8 Minute Bursts of Fun

If you are new to RC helicopters, there is one thing you need to realize…battery life is painfully short.  You will get about 8 minutes of fly time on a full charge with the Robocopter GST, then you need to recharge it for about 40 minutes.  This is not a knock on the Robocopter, this is just a problem with all RC helicopters.  On the positive side, the Robocopter can be charged via the remote or via a USB jack on your computer.

Conclusion:  The Robocopter GST Special Edition Provides Simple, Awesome, Flying Fun

The Robocopter GST Special Edition does not have endless bells and whistles, but it does provide for a fun and easy flying experience.  We love the metal construction of the Robocopter and found it to be one of the simplest R/C helicopters  to fly.  The Robocopter is also considerably bigger than some of the other consumer RC helicopters, and our kid testers loved flying a bigger helicopter.  If you are looking for a stable, well made RC Helicopter for kids ages 10 and up, the Robocopter GST Special Edition is an excellent choice.

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