November Elections??? No, Vote RIGHT Now…For The Top Toy Inventors

TAGIE Awards 2012

TAGIE Awards 2012

Sure, President Obama may have given millions of people healthcare in this country, but did he invent the Super Soaker?  Mitt Romney may have made more money than in all the Monopoly sets in my house, but I would like to see him invent the Pumponator.   So forget Obama vs Romney, the real battle is Lonnie Johnson (inventor of the Super Soaker) vs Dave Yearick (inventor of Djubi) or Lexi Glenn (seventh grader and inventor of the Pumponator) vs 9-year old Seth and 7-year old Alexia Kempe (inventors of the HoodiePet).

Cast Your Vote In The TAGIE Awards

The Toy and Game Inventor of the Year Awards (TAGIE) take place on November 16th, 2012 in Chicago.  The TAGIE Awards are a fun way to celebrate the best and the brightest in the world of toy and game design.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to Chicago to cast your vote, you can do so right now on their website!

Here are the links to quickly and easily cast your vote in each category…

Excellence in Game Design

Excellence in Toy Design

Rising Star Designer

Young Inventor of the Year

Excellence in Electronic Toy or Game

There are full bios on the site, so you can read up on each designer before casting your vote.  It is fun and only takes a minute so go vote now.

Come On, How Incredible is That Young Inventor of The Year Category?

Holy crap, those 9 year old kids are already smarter and more successful than I could ever hope to be.  This is exactly why I am showing this to my kids and having them vote with me.  Perhaps this will be the inspiration for them to finally invent all those cool toys they are always talking about, become successful inventors…and then support me in my old age.

Vote Now, While The Campaign Is Still Super Pac Free

I know, that “other” November election is grabbing all the headlines, but you actually need to wait until November to vote in that one.  With the TAGIE Awards you can vote right now, and I suggest you do as  I just heard a rumor that a Super PAC is going to start running attack ads on the Super Soaker.  Vote now before things get ugly!

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