The World’s Strangest Review of the D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505)

D-Link DIR-505

D-Link DIR-505

The D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR 505) is a tech gadget that can transform any internet connection into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.  The D-Link DIR-505 (SharePort Mobile Companion) can also give you wireless access to any USB thumb drive or even charge your USB powered devices.  To review a high tech gadget like the DIR-505 you could take it into a testing lab and benchmark its Wi-Fi transmission speeds…but how boring is that?  No, we decided that monkeys, crocodiles and iguanas should be used in our review of the D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion…

Please watch our strange video review of the D-Link DIR-505 -

The D-Link DIR-505 Is The Perfect Travel Gadget

There is no one specification that makes the D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505) a breakthrough product.  A Wi-Fi router?  Hardly a new concept.  A Wi-Fi Hotspot?  Neat, but again, not breaking new ground.  Router, Repeater and the ability to access data from a USB drive?  All cool, but there are other gadgets that do each one of these features.

What makes the D-Link DIR-505 such a worthwhile product is the combination of all of the above in a tiny package, that simply works as advertised.  A travel gadget should be small, useful and make living on the road easier.  The DIR-505 definitely does all of the above.

In A Normal Review, They Would Get All Tech Specs On You Now

The normal tech review of the D-Link DIR-505 would now go into all the specs on the device…but as my wife will tell you, I am far from normal.  You want to read all the specs, jump over to the D-Link DIR 505 page and have it.  Nothing much we can add to the specs, so no real reason to rehash the specs that you can easily find at the D-Link site.

Instead, we want to focus on how the D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion actually functioned in the real world.  As we discuss in the video, the DIR-505 was a life saver in our trip to Costa Rica.   Since we were in Costa Rica to unwind, we decided to go light on the electronics and only brought two laptops, two iPhones, one iPad, one iPod Touch and one Nintendo 3DS.

When we saw that the hotel charged $15 a night for internet access, we were not thrilled but figured it was a fair price to pay to give us internet access for all of our devices.  Then the horror of all horrors set in.  It turned out the charge was $15 PER DEVICE.  If we really wanted to get all of our devices online, we were looking at $105 a night and while I had had a large number of Pina Coladas, I still had enough brain power to know that $105 a night was insane.

The D-Link DIR-505 Saves Us Money and Puts Down a Family Mutiny

At this point I was faced with a no-win situation, do I get internet access for my laptop and tell the kids they could not get online with the iPad.  It is scenarios like this that lead to mutinies on a family vacation and I had one goal for this vacation…avoid a family mutiny.

Luckily, I remembered I had thrown the D-Link DIR-505 in my computer bag and figured this was the perfect time to test it out.  I simply plugged the D-Link DIR-505 into the outlet in the room and then used the iPad to access the Setup Wizard on the DIR-505.  The process was pretty straightforward, I signed up for the hotel Wi-Fi via the DIR-505.  Once the DIR-505 had internet access, it just took a few more clicks to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in our room.  Within about 5 minutes, every device had access to the internet via the Wi-Fi Hotspot – saving us $90 a night and more importantly, keeping the whole family happy.  The D-Link DIR-505 sells for about $65, so if you travel at all, it will pay for itself in no time at all.

You Will Be Surprised How Often You Use the D-Link DIR-505

Obviously the DIR-505 works great if you travel to hotels that want to charge you for each device you get online.  Even if you don’t travel a great deal, you will be surprised at all the ways you can use the All-In-One Mobile companion.  At a coffee shop, and want to show a friend some photos you have on a USB drive?  Just plug the DIR-505 into the wall, attach the USB drive to the DIR-505 and fire up the SharePort Mobile app on your phone or tablet and view the photos.

Find yourself at a location that just has wired internet?  Use the DIR-505 to turn that wired internet into a Wireless Hotspot so the kids can watch NetFlix on the iPad.  No, the DIR-505 is not the sexiest of gadgets, but it is one of those gadgets that you keep in your bag and you will be shocked how often you use it.

Conclusion:  The D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion Proves Boring Can Be Cool

Start talking Wi-Fi Hotspots, Routers and Repeaters to most people and you will lose your voice.  You will simply go horse trying to scream over their loud snoring.   The functions of the D-Link DIR-505 are boring, but what the D-Link DIR-505 enables is fun and cool.  Being able to watch movies on your iPad when you are in a room with only a wired internet connection- that is cool.  Being able to share adorable photos of your kids on your iPhone or iPad, even if those photos live on a USB drive – very neat.  Knowing that you saved over $600 in internet fees on a one week vacation – super-duper, wicked cool!

More Information:

Visit D-Link To Read More About the D-Link SharePort Mobile All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505).  $99 Retail.

Purchase the D-Link DIR-505 for About $50 on Amazon.Com

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