Someone Please Build Me A House Out Of Gibout Giant Plush Building Blocks

Gibout Blocks, BigBlox

Gibout Toys BigBlox, Plush Building Blocks

You know what happens if I rub my face against the bricks that my house is made out of?  I get scrapes on my face and strange looks from my neighbors.  If only my house was built out of the Gibout Toys Giant Plush Building Blocks (BigBloxTM).

Gibout Blocks – Who Says Building Blocks Need to Be Hard?

When you think building blocks, you probably think of Lego or wooden blocks.  Gibout Toys is changing the way parents and kids think about blocks with their plush building blocks.  The Gibout Toys BigBlox are large (almost 12″), soft and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at our video review of Gibout Blocks…

The Blocks That Boys and Girls Will Love To Build and Play With

Unfortunately, YouTube does not have TouchORama (yet), so even with the above video, you really can’t appreciate how soft and tactile the BigBlox are.  As we show, the blocks have different surfaces on each side and they are so soft, that the kids just really could not resist playing with them.

Interestingly, the blocks had equal appeal with boys and girls.  While the target age for these blocks is probably 2-8 years old, we had some 10 year old kids who seemed to enjoy them as much as the younger kids.   In addition, with over 20 different styles of Gibout Blocks, you are bound to find a look that your kids will love.

Finally, A Toy Made in The USA

I have run out of answers for when my kids ask, “Why is everything made in China?”  Now, I have a new one – “Not everything is made in China, Gibout Blocks are made in the USA“.  Gibout BigBlox are made in the USA and actually hand made in the USA.  As if that is not enough, the BigBlox are made from the “most luxurious minky fabric available“.  I am not exactly sure what that means, but anything “most luxurious” must be good, right?

Gibout Blocks, BigBlox

The Catch? Hand Made in The USA Giant Plush Blocks Don’t Come Cheap

There is really only one downside to the Gibout Toys BigBlox…the price.  Each block sells for $23.99, so building a fort out of 10 of these blocks can get pricey.  On the positive side, the blocks are so big (12 inch cubes) that you will not need to get a lot of them.  We had 4 blocks and the kids had a great time building, tossing, rolling, kicking and sleeping on them.   In addition, if you think of these blocks as hand made in the USA furniture that your kids can also play with for years, it feels like a reasonable investment.

Conclusion: Gibout Toy Plush Building Blocks (BigBlox) Prove Blocks Can Be Soft, Beautiful and Fun!

No batteries to install, no apps to sync up, simply remove the BigBlox from the box  and have fun for years!  Yes, we love our techy toys, but we also adore well made, simple products like Gibout Blocks, that make kids of all ages smile.   The texture of the blocks is wonderful and we loved the different style and feel to each side of the cube.  It was great to see kids of all ages and genders find a way to have fun with the blocks.   If you are looking for a tech free toy that kids will enjoy and as a bonus also looks beautiful when sitting in the corner, the Gibout Blocks (BigBlox) are an excellent choice.

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Gibout Toys BigBlox sell for $23.95

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