Review:Wi-Spi Intruder, The RC Spy Car That Will Make Parents Infamous

Wi-Spi Intruder RC Car, Spy Car

Wi-Spi Intruder RC Car, Spy Car

Moms and Dads the gig is up.  You know all that crazy stuff we say and do when we think the kids aren’t around…well, get ready for it to be on YouTube.  Oh, don’t think turning out the lights and being cloaked in darkness will do you any good – your glowing eyes will just make for a better video share on Facebook.

We just had a chance to review the new Wi-Spi Intruder R/C Car from Interactive Toy Concepts and it is shockingly good.  Drive the Intruder around using an iOS or Android device, all while seeing a live video feed from the car’s video camera.  Click a button and you can record video (with audio) or take photos.  Drive into complete darkness?  You could turn your headlights on, but why bother when you have infrared night vision.  Yes, this spy car can even record clear video in almost complete darkness.  Yikes!

Let’s Take a Look At the Wi-Spi Intruder in Our Full Hands-On Video Review -

First Spy Helicopters, Now Spy Cars, How Long Before Spy Toothbrushes?

Last week we reviewed the brand new Wi-Spi Helicopter – which lets you record video from above.  The Wi-Spi Intruder now lets you record video from the ground.  But what about from within?  How long before Interactive Toy Concepts releases the Wi-Spi Toothbrush, so we can really find out what happens inside your mouth.

Seriously, the Wi-Spi line is going to be a hit with kids.  The combination of RC toys + iPhone, iPad or Android Control + Video Recording = fun for older kids who are too cool for “standard” rc toys.  The Wi-Spi Intruder is very easy to drive, so for kids who have trouble piloting a helicopter, but still want in on the RC world of surveillance, the Wi-Spi Intruder is a good bet.

Darkness is No Cover For You, The Wi-Spi Intruder Sees In The Dark

By far, the coolest surprise about the Wi-Spi Intruder is the Night Vision.  When we read the Intruder had Night Vision, we figured it was a gimmick and the night video would be poor quality.  As the video above shows, the Intruder has incredible Night Vision!  The kids had a blast driving through rooms in complete darkness, in search of the poor tormented cat.  There is just something about being able to see what the human eye can not see, that is fun for the kids (and adults).

Can The Wi-Spi Intruder Really Be Used for Spying?

Yes, yes it can.  I know, I know, isn’t it obvious when a car drives into the room and pulls up next to you, that it might be watching you?  Yes, in that situation, it is not exactly covert.  On the other hand, if the Wi-Spi Intruder is sitting on the shelf, with about 50 other toys and has absolutely no lights on, it becomes much less obvious that you are being spied on.

Much to the joy of kids everywhere, and the horror of parents, the Wi-Spi Intruder has no blinking red light to tell you it is recording.  In fact, just looking at the Wi-Spi Intruder, there would be no way to tell if it was on and recording or powered off.  If you are using the Night Vision, there are two small red  lights that need to be on for the car to see.

I have found a foolproof way to uncover if I am being recorded.  As you sit by yourself in an empty room, you simply do something completely insane.  If you hear uncontrollable laughter coming from the kids in the next room…you are being recorded.

Surprise, The Battery Doesn’t Suck!

This is normally the part of the review for a cool RC toy where we say the battery only lasts about 8 minutes before you have to recharge – but, surprise, we are NOT going to say that!  The Wi-Spi Intruder runs for about 30 minutes on one charge – which is fantastic.  In addition, the recharge only takes about 45 minutes.

In terms of play value of a toy, this is a huge deal.  As fun as many of the RC helicopters are, the play value goes down if kids can only play with it for 8 minutes before a long break to recharge.  We love the 30 minute runtime on the Wi-Spi Intruder and think it will greatly increase the lifetime play value of the toy.

Conclusion:  The Wi-Spi RC Intruder, Ushering In A Future Generation of Spies (and angry cats)

The Wi-Spi Intruder is for ages 14+ and will sell for about $119.   At over $100, it is an expensive toy, but you do get a great deal of technology and play value in the toy.  Teens will love being able to record video, even in complete darkness, and then easily share with their friends.

It would be great if the audio quality was better (maybe a directional mic for real eavesdropping) and if you could adjust the angle of the camera from the smartphone app.  In addition, the video is only 320×240, so it is not high quality, but we have to remember this is a toy and those are really minor issues.  Overall, the kids loved trying to navigate around the house, just using the video feed and of course driving in darkness.

If you’re a cat looking for some peace and quiet, sorry but you will absolutely hate the Wi-Spi Intruder.   Then again, if you are a cat smart enough to read this post, you have probably already Googled “How to destroy the Wi-Spi Intruder“.  As for the kids, they will love having a remote control spy car they can control with a smartphone or tablet.  Parents, smile, you are on Intruder Camera!

More Information:

Wi-Spi Intruder RC Car (Ages 14+) from Interactive Toy Concepts, Retails for $119.95

Purchase the Wi-Spi Intruder for $99 At Radio Shack.

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