Review: Wi-Spi RC Helicopter, I Demand A Redo Of My Childhood

Wi Spi RC Helicopter

Wi-Spi Helicopter, Full Review on DadDoes.Com

Now this is flat out unfair.  Last year I had a blast flying around the Wi-Fli Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts and felt cheated that cool R/C flying toys like this were not around when I was a kid.  This year, Interactive Toy ups the unfair ante with the release of the Wi-Spi Helicopter.  This super stable indoor/outdoor helicopter is controlled with any iOS or Android device and oh, did we mention it streams video to your smartphone or tablet, records videos and takes photos…all for under $130!  That does it, I am calling for a full redo of my childhood…I start kindergarten tomorrow.

Seeing Is Believing With The Wi-Spi Helicopter

Really, why even write a review of a RC Helicopter that shoots video?  It makes a lot more sense to see a hands-on video of the Wi-Spi being flown in the real world.  Let’s take a look at our hands on testing with the Wi-Spi Helicopter….

What do you say Dads?  You ready to hit the redo button on your childhood and join me in kindergarten tomorrow?  I mean come on, I just flew a helicopter over my house and have the video to prove it – how cool is that? Kids have it way too good today.

In A World Of Non-Stop Social Sharing, The Wi-Spi Helicopter Is The Perfect Teen Toy

As parents we may not like it, but the fact is that teens spend a great deal of time online and doing social sharing.  It is one thing to have a fun remote controlled helicopter, but being able to share videos with all your online friends of what you did with said remote controlled helicopter puts the toy in a whole new world of cool.

The Wi-Spi Helicopter is rated for ages 14+ and clearly the ability to take photos and videos and stream to your iOS and Android device is going to appeal to teens.  In our testing, we did find younger kids, ages 9 and up, also loved the Wi-Spi R/C Helicopter and were able to fly it without any problems.

Share Your Cat Tormenting Expertise With Just A Few Clicks

As we show in the video, the WiSpi Control App is straight forward and easy to use.  The video and photos that you capture via the app are stored right in your camera roll, so with just a click or two you can email, post or share your best cat tormenting videos with the world.   If there is one thing that YouTube is clearly lacking, it is cat videos.

There are some limitations to the app.  First, you can record video, but not audio.  If you want to record video, you need to start before you take off.  You also can’t switch mid flight between video and photos.  Overall, these limitations did not seem to bother the kids at all.  We rarely used the photo feature and just got in the habit of doing full videos of every flight…because you never know when the cat might snap and you end with a viral video of “Cat vs Wi-Spi”.

The Wi-Spi Helicopter Is No One Trick Pony

The Parrot AR Drone is an iPhone controlled RC drone that can shoot video (it has two cameras, one in front and one on the bottom) and cost about $300.   The Wi-Spi Helicopter has only one camera, but also sells for only $130.  Given the large difference in price, we were concerned the Wi-Spi Helicopter would be a bare bones helicopter with limited features.

Wi Spi RC Helicopter

In reality, the Wi-Spi helicopter is a well made, sturdy 3 Channel Gyro stability helicopter with a 100 foot range.   You can read our review of the Wi-Fli helicopter from last year, as the Wi-Spi is basically the same helicopter with a camera added on the bottom.  The combination of the helicopter’s large size, weight and gyro stability mechanism make it a true joy to fly.  After only 10 minutes of practice, we were flying the helicopter like a Top Gun.  Ok, maybe just a Middle Gun, but we were able to keep the helicopter in control and not kill our cat during filming.

Now For The Negative We Have With Every Single RC Toy

If you are a regular reader you must be sick to death of hearing us complain about battery power with all RC toys.  Spoiler alert – I am about to do it again!  The fly time on the Wi-Spi Helicopter is about 6 minutes.  It then takes about 30 minutes to recharge.  While only getting 6 minutes of fly time could be a problem for inpatient kids, it is actually no worse than other RC helicopters that don’t stream and record video.

Conclusion: Wi-Spi R/C Helicopter, Using Technology to Make Toys Flat Out Fun

There is no shortage of “wow” technology making its way into toys.  The problem is, once the “wow” is gone, the technology adds nothing to the play value of the toy.  On the other hand, the Wi-Spi RC Helicopter is a text book example of how to use technology to make a toy more fun.

Being able to stream and record video makes flying the Wi-Spi more fun…every, single time you fly it.  Being able to share video of your best flights with your friends, makes the Wi-Spi Helicopter fun.  Having Gyro technology to make the Wi-Spi stable and easy to fly, makes the Wi-Spi Helicopter fun.  Simply put, if your kids love flying toys, they will absolutely love the Wi-Spi Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts.

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The Wi-Spi Helicopter from Interactive Toys Retails for $129.95

Purchase the Wi-Spi Helicopter for $109 from Toys R Us

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