Review: Therapik, The Anti-Itch Gadget That Will Make You Hate Mosquitoes Slightly Less



I hate mosquitoes.  This has been well documented in my open letter to mosquitoes, kindly asking that they leave the planet for the next 100 million years.  In my fantasy world, anything that bites me and makes me itch would be banished from the planet…oh, and Snickers bars would freely fall from the sky, be zero calories and more healthy than broccoli.

Therapik May Be As Close As I Get To My Fantasy World

The other day it rained…and rained water, not Snickers.  The rain made puddles and mosquitoes starting multiplying.  Clearly my vision for a fantasy world is not happening anytime soon.  Still, Therapik, an electronic gadget that promises to zap away the sting and itch from most bug bites in 30 seconds, could get me one step closer to my dream of an itch free world!

As unbelievable as it sounds, Therapik, a $12.95 FDA cleared gadget, claims it can stop the pain and itch from most bites, in 30 seconds, without the use of drugs.  What parent would not love a device that could make the whole family itch free? We were about to write off the Therapik as an over-hyped scam until we read an incredible review in Gizmodo (link at the bottom of the post).    After Gizmodo raved about the Therapik, we knew we had to test this gadget out, so we decided to take one for the team…

We Torture Ourselves In Costa Rica, Just to Test The Therapik

Just so we could accurately test the Therapik in a real world setting, we planned a trip to the Rain Forests of Costa Rica.  It was horrible, we had to see incredible wildlife, view a volcano, swim on amazing beaches…all so we could test out the Therapik for you.  You can thank us later…

Here is Quick Video of the Therapik In Action in Costa Rica -

How In The World Does The Therapik Work?

We are amazed to report that the Therapik really did bring itch relief to our family!  Sometimes it took two zaps from the Therapik, but it really does work.  Which got us thinking, how can this thing really work?  Here is what they say on the Therapik site…

“Therapik® is based on a very simple, scientifically proven principle. Most insect venom is thermolabile (sensitive to heat). Therapik®’s patented technology delivers heat in the specific temperature range necessary to neutralize the venom from over 20,000 different species of insects and sea creatures.”

What About Bee Stings, Jelly Fish and Hornets?

The Therapik site claims it will bring relief from –

  • Mosquitoes
  • Hornets
  • Bees
  • Fire Ants
  • Jellyfish
  • Most stinging or biting insects

Try as we did in Costa Rica to taunt and bait bees, jelly fish and fire ants (apparently the “Your Mamma is so fat” taunt does not work on these creatures) we were only bit by mosquitoes.  Therapik was reviewed by the ABC TV Show, The Doctors and on that show they get a bee to sting a Dr and then use the Therapik and he said he felt fine.

We keep our Therapik with us on all outdoor adventures and will report back if we have any other stings to test it out on.  Somehow, my son seems unwilling to smear his body in honey and stand next to a bee hive.

Conclusion:  Therapik, The Best Use of That $13 You Have In Your Wallet

The criteria we use when reviewing any product is, does it make a parent’s life a little better, easier or more fun in some way.  The Therapik absolutely does! Nothing can ruin a camping trip or family outing faster than endless bug bites.  The Therapik can bring near instant relief and get your family back to enjoying the outdoors and not fearing it.  You will still hate seeing those pesky mosquitoes flying all around, but you will hate them a little less knowing you will not itch if they bite you.

The Therapik did not work 100% of the time, we had one or two bites that seemed to continue to itch, but I would say the success rate was about 90 – 95%.  Maybe we waited too long before using the Therapik, or did not hold it on the bite for long enough.  In any case, the Therapik worked on the vast majority of bites and that is good enough for us.

If you and your family spend any time outdoors, we absolutely recommend you throw a Therapik in your bag.  Now, if only using the Therapik made it rain Snickers bars…

More Information:

Visit the Therapik Site.  Therapik sells for about $12.95

Read the Excellent Gizmodo review of Therapik

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