Hey Men and Dads – We Are Making Less, Doing Less and Falling Apart according to Newsweek!


This week Newsweek published a long story entitled – Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity .  As the story is rather long, and us parents barely have time to breath – here are the highlights:

  • Men are Making Less Money
  • More Men are Unemployed
  • Dads are Staying Home Less with the Kids
  • Dads do Very Little at Home
  • The Number of Fatherless Kids is Skyrocketing
  • Men are Buying Designer Axes and Wearing Hunting Garb

There were a few other points made in the 6 page article, but the above about sums it up.  Depressed yet?

Do Men and Dads Really Suck?

The article makes it clear that men do very little, and since we haven’t tried to sell you a pick ax yet, I doubt you are still with us – but just in case…

Here is a depressing paragraph from the article:

“The average wife still does roughly double the housework of the average husband: the equivalent of two full workdays of additional chores each week. Even when the man is unemployed, the woman handles a majority of the domestic workload, and it’s the same story with child care. If both parents are working, women spend 400 percent more time with the kids. Meanwhile, the number of fatherless kids in America has nearly tripled since 1960, and the percentage of men who call themselves stay-at-home dads has stalled below 3 percent. The old roles, say sociologists, are hard to shake.”

Yikes!  If I weren’t such a man I would spend some energy to get depressed.  Maybe when I get home from not working and not helping with the kids or chores – I will tell my wife to get depressed for me (after she takes the garbage out).

In truth the article is actually very interesting, and while we greatly question where their statistics come from, it is worth a read –

Newsweek – – Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.  Are Men Really in this Bad Shape?

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