Review: Brain Box The USA, What Can You Observe In 10 Seconds?

Brain Box The USA

Brain Box The USA

How much information can you observe and retain in 10 seconds?  No, this is not some new psychological experiment for adults, but rather the premise for Brian Box The USA from University Games.   In BrainBox USA, kids are shown a card of one of the states (or a region of the USA) and given 10 seconds to remember everything they see on the card.  Sounds easy?  That is what I thought until I tried it.

It will make more sense when you look at our video review of the Brain Box USA -

Brain Box Proves That Adults Could Learn A Lot From Kids

We played a number of rounds of BrainBox as a family, and I could not believe how poor my powers of observation were.  The kids easily beat me every time.   I think I was too busy trying to memorize everything on the card, and that is hard to do in 10 seconds.  The kids on the other hand just observed what was on the card and had much better success with this method.   In any case, the kids had a great time playing Brain Box, and I don’t think it was just because they were beating me so badly.  The game is simple to learn and setup, but fun and challenging to play.

A Great Deal For Parents to Love About Brain Box USA

Before you can even talk about the educational value of a game, we believe it is essential that kids find the game fun.  After all, if the game is not fun, kids will not play…and then the educational value really doesn’t matter at all.  Luckily, all the kids we tested BrainBox with (ages 8-10) really enjoyed playing the game.  In addition to the fun of trying to answer questions, there is something that kids just love about turning over a timer and rolling a funky looking die!

From a parent standpoint, Brain Box is a clear winner.  The game teaches observation and memory skills as well as US geography.  After just a couple of rounds, kids really start to learn state capitals and what states boarder each other.  In addition, Brain Box requires no batteries, can be played with any number of players (there is even a 1 player game) and fits nicely into a small box.  This all makes BrainBox an excellent travel game and a fun way to pass some time on a rainy day.

Kids Not Into US Geography?  Try Another Brain Box

We tested and reviewed the Brain Box USA game, but they also make a Brain Box ABC and Brain Box My First Pictures.  You have some Boston fans in the house?  You can try out BrainBox Boston.  While there are a number of different games in the BrainBox series, they all follow the same format of seeing how much you can observe and remember in a 10 second period.

Conclusion: BrainBox The USA, A Fun Way to Learn

BrainBox The USA is simple to learn, fun to play and educational – elements that should make parents and children both very happy.  We love the fact that kids are learning US Geography, while also practicing observation and memory skills.  Of course, the best part is that kids had fun playing BrainBox The USA and in the end that is always the most important element in any game.

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BrainBox The USA (Ages 8+) By University Games.  Sells For About $9

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