No Mr. Tax Man, This Trip to Costa Rica Is Absolutely Not a Vacation

Costa Rica Reviews

Costa Rica

Will the sacrifices we make for Dad Does ever stop?  Our latest saintly act is to travel all the way to beautiful Costa Rica, enduring incredible beaches, majestic Volcanoes and fascinating rain forests – just to give you the honest, real world reviews you have come to expect from us.   It really is amazing we don’t charge for this site.

Real World Reviews Involve Getting Out Into the Real World

We recently called out everyone in the toy reviews industry for unethical review practices and promised to always do reviews based on real parents using products in a real setting.   Let’s be honest with each other, some products just can’t be adequately tested in the USA.  For certain products, you MUST go to Costa Rica and stay in a beautiful resort – doing a review any other way would just be dishonest.

Yes Mr. Tax Man, Costa Rica is The Only Place to Test The Therapik

We have a cult like following among IRS auditors, so let’s make this very clear… it absolutely was necessary to travel to Costa Rica to test the Therapik.  The Therapik is a cool gadget that you use to remove the itching from bug bites and jellyfish stings.  Hold down the button on the Therapik, press it to your bug bite and count to 30 seconds.  During that 30 seconds the Therapik is heating up the area around the bite and killing off any venom, and instantly getting rid of the itchiness.

Does the Therapik really work?  Who knows, that is why we had to come to the rain forest of Costa Rica to test it out.  The bugs are big here and more than happy to supply our body with lots of venom for the Therapik to try to neutralize.  So you see Mr. Tax Man, we are not vacationing, we are performing real world reviews.  Look at this photo of us in front of the Volcano –

Costa Rica Reviews

I am wearing a Dad Does shirt, does it get any more official than that?

Of Course We Had to Stay At A Fancy Resort, How Else Would We Test the D-Link DIR-505?

Once we finished our testing of the Therapik, we had to endure staying at a beautiful resort to do more product reviews.  While the resort was lovely, they wanted to charge $15 a day for internet access…per device! The average family now travels with a few laptops, an iPhone or two, an iPad and a Nintendo 3DS for good measures.  All these devices want internet access, so if a family had to pay $15 per device they would need a third mortgage just to pay the internet charges.

Luckily D-Link now makes the All In One Mobile Companion (D-Link DIR-505).  This nifty gadget creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in your room, for ALL your devices, using just one connection to the hotel Wi-Fi.  What a godsend this would be for any parent who has technology savvy kids.  Does the DIR-505 work in a real world setting?  We are not sure, and that is why we need to stay at this beautiful resort…to give it a full and honest real world review.

Stay Tuned, We Will Have Full TheraPik and D-Link D-505 Reviews Up Soon

So, Mr. Tax Man, it is impossible to think of our Costa Rica trip as anything other than an indepth, honest and fact finding product review marathon.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go slather on some sun tan lotion to prepare for more testing.  Interested to learn how the TheraPik and D-Link D-505 fair in our testing?  We will be posting full reviews as soon as we get back from our vacation 100% legitimate business trip.

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