Review: Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm and ElectroStorm, Water Gun Fun For Everyone

Super Soaker ElectroStorm

Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm and ElectroStorm

Back when I was a kid, mixing water and electricity was generally frowned upon. This meant if we wanted to douse our friends in a water gun fight we had to pump or pull a trigger repeatedly until our fingers almost fell off.  Today Nerf has figured out how to create battery operated water guns that drench your friends without electrocuting yourself in the process.  Isn’t technology grand?

The Nerf Super Soaker line has long been a favorite among kids, sort of the gold standard of water guns.  In 2012, Nerf introduced two new battery operated Super Soakers, the Lightning Storm and the Electro Storm.  Do these battery powdered water guns really have the power to fend off your attacking, heavily armed, pump action Super Soaker, friends?

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm and Electro Storm -

The Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm, Like a Lightning Storm…Without The Lightning

Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm

Really, how can you go wrong with a water gun that is battery operated, requires no pumping and holds 37 ounces of water?  The Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm gives you an almost unbeatable advantage in any water gun fight.  As the video shows, the blaster requires no pumping, shoots about 25 feet and holds an incredible 37 ounces.  37 ounces more than you need?  No problem, the Lightning Storm is compatible with other clips in the Super Soaker line, just use a smaller clip if you want to decrease the weight of the gun.  In addition, you can have additional clips filled with water, so if you run dry you can just quickly snap in another full clip.

The LightningStorm worked completely as advertised in our testing.  Install 4 AA batteries and then just pull the trigger and blast away your target from 25 feet away.  The Lightning Storm uses the Nerf rail system so you can slide on things like a blaster shield.  The kids had way too much fun drenching me with the Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm.

Nerf Super Soaker  ElectroStorm,  Big Power in A Small Package

Super Soaker ElectroStorm

As great as the LightningStorm is, you are not going to sneak up on anyone carrying a water gun rifle with a 37 ounce clip.   If you want the power of a LightningStorm, but in a more stealth package, the Nerf Super Soaker ElectroStorm is the water gun for you.

The ElectoStorm is also battery operated (4 AA batteries) and with a simple pull of the trigger you unleash an impressive 25 foot stream of water.  The small size of the ElectroStorm means you can easily hide the water gun under shirt….perfect for sneak attacks against Dad!  Of course, there is a trade off to the small size – the small water capacity, only 2.7 ounces.   In addition, the Electrostorm does not use a clip system, so you need to stop and refill every time you run out of water.  Still, if you are looking for a no-pump, automatic stealth weapon for sneak attacks, the Electro Storm is an excellent choice.

Conclusion: The Super Soaker Line, Keeping Young Kids In The Battle

We have always loved Super Soakers, but the pumping required to operate the blasters is often beyond the strength of younger kids.  Now, the battery operated LightningStorm and ElectroStorm allow young kids to hold their own in any water gun battle.  The Lightning Storm and Electro Storm are rated for ages 6+, but as long as your child can physically hold the gun, they can fire it.  The Lightning Storm does get heavy, and very young kids will have trouble holding it, but the Electro Storm is so small and so light, we believe children ages 3 and up will love this blaster.

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