Steal A Toy In All 50 States? When Goals Go Horribly Wrong…

Toy Thief

Toy Thief

We clearly love toys.  We have done over 200 toy reviews and recently called out the whole industry for unethical practices when doing toy reviews.  As a Dad, I am all about setting goals – both for myself and the kids.   I also happen to love goals that have to do with traveling this great country… see a ball game or eat apple pie in all 50 states – sounds perfect to me.  Hmm, if  only I could find a way to combine my love of toys, travel and setting goals…

I’ve Got It, Make It My Life Goal To Steal A Toy In All 50 States!

No, that’s ridiculous, no one in their right mind would actually make it their life goal to steal toys in every state…well, no one except Michael Pollara.  Yes, as CNN reports, Mr. Pollara was arrested in Florida for stealing thousands of toys from toy stores all across the country.  “(Michael Pollara) made it a goal of his to steal [toys] from all 50 states within one year, which he was very proud of,” Broward Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Rick Rossman said during a press conference.

This Is America, What Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Hold on Sgt. Rick Rossman, how do you know what Mr. Pollara’s goals were and what he was proud of?  Sure you busted him for stealing toys in Florida, but how could you really know he has stolen before and aspired to steal toys from every state?  What’s that? He told you?  Holy crap this guy is crazy…

“He wanted to personally thank CVS for paying for his vacation to Hawaii in February,” Rossman said, reporting what Pollara said during questioning. “(Shoplifting) supports his travel around the world.”

A spokeswoman for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said that when police showed Pollara a map of all of the places they had connected him to, he told them the map wasn’t right that he had hit more stores than that.

CNN Report 8/14/2012

Poor Mamma Pollara, She Must Be So Disappointed In Her Son

Fine, so Michael Pollara is just a bad apple, but he is still someones son and you have to feel bad for his Mom.  She must be so disappointed, heart broken and wondering why her son would turn to a life of crime.  Of course, she will have plenty of time to think about all this as she sits in a jail cell next to her son.

Yep, Michael Pollara could never have come close to achieving his lofty goal if not for the incredible support of his Mom.  Margaret Pollara was right there with her son, as they went from toy store to toy store, stealing toys in true Grinch like fashion.  No word on where Michael Pollara’s Dad was, I figure any minute now we will hear the report that he was busy stealing candy from babies.

The Morale of The Story, Don’t Play With Toys or Set Goals

As a Dad, I love to take stories like these and turn them into teaching moments.   This story is particularly helpful because it has two clear lessons for the kids…

  • First, don’t play with toys as they are clearly a gateway drug to becoming a toy thief.
  • Second, don’t set goals…they only get you in trouble.

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