Product Review, Tonka Chuck & Friends – Chuck’s Stunt Park

Chuck's Stunt Park - by Tonka

Chuck's Stunt Park - by Tonka

By Trey Burley

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Tonka Chuck & Friends Stunt Park – Tonka and Chuck Together At Last

Tonka Chuck & Friends Chuck’s Stunt Park Playset has a great reputation behind it.  A.  Tonka.  Every dad remembers playing with some metal Tonka toy when they were a kid.  I’ve still got mine and my son will be playing them one day.  B.  Chuck.  Chuck is the logical extension of Tonka toys to the younger set; they’re soft, personable vehicles that don’t hurt as much if your toddler accidentally falls on it.

Chuck’s Stunt Park – A Course Filled With Twists and Turns

Chuck’s Stunt Park has a turn operated lift (Daring dive) that puts Chuck on a series of drops going down a mountain road.   As chuck goes from jump to jump he’ll do flips and ride upside down until he lands on the ground after the final jump.  Once on the floor the course is supplied with three 90 degree turns to help direct Chuck where you’d like him to go.  Also included in the Stunt Park Playset is the Hang em High bridge that Chuck crawls up, and then dangles with two wheels as he goes down the other side.  You can put one of those 90 degree turns after the bridge to have Chuck do a ‘lap’ around the stunt park, ending up at Daring dive, where he can start all over.

I set the toy up and let the kids have at it.  It did require some of my interaction at first, showing them how to turn the lift to get Chuck up and started, as well as, moving the turns into place to make it into a ‘course’.

The Real Test – What Do Kids Think of Chuck’s Stunt Park?

The kids loved it. Ironically, my only concern about the toy wasn’t something that either didn’t notice or care about.  If the course is set up on wood or tile, then it’s too easy to move, which disturbed the circular, unaided ‘course’ that I had set up.

Curse my linear mind.  The kids just wanted to play.  Pick Chuck up, do the Hang em High bridge again, start half way down the mountain, set up all the turns in a row or just watch Chuck roll off some steps in the house.  I was trying to turn the toy into a Chuck’s Stunt lap Park, which is clearly not they way that kids want to play with the toy all the time.  Yeah, occasionally they wanted to have him do a lap, but that was the exception, not the rule.

Perhaps in future productions of the toy they could put some anti skid pads or something on the turns for parents who like their play toys linear.

The kids loved Daring dive, the lift that starts it all off.  When you crank the lift up there is a revolving series of very enthusiastic voices that egg Chuck on and yelp with enthusiasm as he goes down the mountain road.

Here is some video of Chuck’s Stunt Park in Action -

Conclusion on Tonka Chuck & Friends Stunt Park

This is a great toy and I would recommend it. At first I was put off by the $39.99 price, but you really get a lot for the money and it has many play options for the kids.  There are a couple ‘friends’ that Chuck has who have their own additions that you can combine to this toy.    Those additions are less than half the cost of this toy and if they add to the overall enjoyment of this toy it would be well worth your toy bucks too.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We were crazy enough to buy this toy with our own money! We sent the toy out to Trey to review – he gets to keep the toy and make Chuck do all types of crazy stunts. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the toy. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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