Mini Golf, Jumping Pillow and a Pool…This is My Idea of Camping

KOA Campfire

KOA Campfire

I don’t know why some people complain about camping.   The problems with setting up camp, getting a good nights sleep and figuring how to prepare meals.  What are they talking about?  You simply start your day with a pancake breakfast that is prepared for you, play a few rounds of Mini Golf, send the kids off to the jumping pillow, take a dip in the pool and then tuck everyone into bed in your cabin.  Wait, you mean you don’t camp at the KOA Mystic, CT??

Time For a Camping Trip, If You Can Call Sleeping in a Cabin Camping

The truth is, as much as the concept of camping as a family is great, it can something be troublesome in practice.  Tents are fun, but not always conducive  to a good nights sleep…for anyone.  We wondered if we could have all the enjoying parts of camping, without all the hassles.

As our regular readers know, I am a contributor over at the KOA Campfire.  After spending so much time chatting about Kampgrounds of America and some of their cool amenities, we knew this August we would have to try out a cabin over at the KOA Mystic, CT.

Is It Legal For KOA To Call This Camping?

I have always wondered why KOA spells “Kampgrounds” with a “K”, but now I know.  I don’t think you can legally call it camping when you have Mini-Golf, a Pool, Arcade, Jumping Pillow and a Pancake Breakfast made for you!  In addition, we will be staying in a cabin, which should make sleeping a real possibility.  Seriously, this Mystic KOA really sounds more like a resort than a campground.

Want to Find Your Own Cool Camping Experience?  Join the KOA Campfire

We will report back after our stay at the KOA Mystic, but you can find your own camping experience by joining the conversation at the KOA Campfire.  There are always some great tips and advice being shared and it is the perfect place to ask a question about camping or really any outdoor activity.   While the virtual campfire is an awesome place to make friends, it is a terrible place to make S’mores.  Your laptop battery may be hot, but not hot enough to roast a marshmallow.  This is why you need to do some real camping to make S’mores, and believe me, we will have all of Mystic, CT smelling like marshmallows in a few days!

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