Review:Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher, How Did I Survive Childhood Without This Toy?

Mattel Big Boots Figures

Matchbox Ambusher Dino Adventure Truck Bootlandia Big Boots

Up until today I thought I had a good childhood.  I had my Dinosaurs and trucks to play with.  I had some cool action figures and various toys they could ride in.  I even had a few awesome toys that could fire things and a wicked cool catapult that flung a plastic rock.  Life was good…or so I thought…

Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Ambusher – Everything a 5 Year Old Boy Needs – In One Toy

We just got done reviewing the new Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher from Mattel and boy did this shake my view of the world.  Who knew you could get pretty much every type of toy I played with as a kid and combine it into one awesome truck.  Action figures that always land on their feet?  Four different ways to fling said action figures?  Dinosaurs, missiles, escape car, weapons and endless buttons and hidden compartments?  Yes, yes and YES!  Somebody fire up the time machine, I want to be five again!

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of the Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher Dino Adventure -

Flash Back To Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down

The first thing that happened when I saw the Big Boots figures was the Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down catchphrase started repeating endless in my mind.  As a child of the 70’s I am very familiar with Weebles, but never really got into them because they weren’t cool.   The Big Boots figures, which like Weebles don’t fall down, have the advantage of being super cool.  After all, can a Weeble hold two guns in its hands, got flung off the top of a truck and still land on its feet…ready to attack a T-Rex?  I think not!

Mattel Big Boots Figures

Simply put, the Big Boots figures are awesome (the set comes with 4 figures).  They have soft hands which can grip tools, weapons or the controls of the ATV escape vehicle.  Yes, they do always land on their feet – the kids tested this feature with painstaking detail.  Those poor Big Boots dudes were dropped, thrown and spun in every way imaginable and they really do land on their giant feet.

Endless Ways To Make Things Fly Through The Air = Endless Fun

As the video shows, there are a ton of different ways to play with the truck, figures and dinosaur.  You can launch the figures in four different ways, fire missiles, escape on the ATV, hide figures on the truck or go crazy and buy 11 more figures and take 15 Big Boots guys out for a joy ride.

There are so many different ways to play with the Ambusher and maybe best of all, it encourages imaginative play.  Kids will come up with their own story lines – maybe they are trying to save the T-Rex, perhaps some of the Big Boots figures are bad guys hiding away in the secret compartments on the truck.  We see this toy having a very strong play value because it is an open ended tool that encourages kids to play in an imaginative way.

Conclusion:  Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher Proves Fun Toys Don’t Need Batteries

We are constantly amazed by all the new technology that finds its way into toys today.   The problem is, cool technology does not always equate to strong playability.  Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher is fantastically low tech (no batteries required), but it is wonderfully fun.

Parents will love that the toy doesn’t beep, flash or need to sync with a computer.  Kids will love flinging the Big Boots figures from the truck and watching them land on their feet.  The truck itself is filled with buttons, slides and hiding spaces – all universally loved by kids.  Throw in a Dinosaur who can fling the big boots figures and the ATV and you finally have a toy that kids and parents will both love.

More Information:

Matchbox Big Boots Ambusher by Mattel comes with 4 Big Boots Figures, 1 Truck, 1 ATV and 1 T-Rex.  $40.99.  Ages 3+

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