OOTW Dolls, The Girlaxy Has Arrived And Its Got Personality

Vizi Doll from OOTW

OOTW Techno Doll

The Girlaxy invasion has started and if you have young girls, resistance is futile.  Beware of Astra, Gigi, Techno and Vizi – they may look small and typical of vinyl-mation dolls, but the Out of This World (O.O.T.W) girls have some techno tricks tucked inside.   Yes, Blip Toys has unleashed their line of OOTW Collectible Dolls and their online universe know as the Girlaxy.

Collectible Dolls With Low Tech Functions And Tons of Personality

Each OOTW Doll has its own personality and low tech electronic function.  We got to test out Techno, the doll with a dance party in her head and Vizi, the doll who could see into the future.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of the O.O.T.W. Dolls -

Not Your Typical “Girly” Dolls

As you can see from the video, the OOTW Dolls are not your typical doll.  Each doll has its own funky personality and different low tech function.  For Summer 2012 there are five OOTW Dolls, but the line will quickly grow with more dolls, larger sizes, OOTW pets and various accessories.

The Fun Continues in the Girlaxy

Girls will like to collect and play with the OOTW Dolls, but when playing in the real world gets too boring, jump on over to virtual world – Girlaxy.  The Girlaxy is a futuristic online playground filled with bright lights and fun, funky colors – an imaginative world where technology and astrology come together.   The online world will expand and grow as more OOTW Dolls and accessories are released.

OOTW Dolls, The Perfect Doll For the Anti-Barbie Crowd

Vizi Doll from OOTW

If you have girls who like the idea of dolls but are not really into the whole Barbie thing, OOTW Dolls are a great choice.  The OOTW dolls are cute, but in a very non-Barbie way.  The dolls all look very different and the whole line celebrates looking different, being funky and having fun.  Parents will really appreciate a line of dolls that focus on more than just looks and also don’t have girls trying to look perfect.

Conclusion: OOTW Dolls Provide a New Option For Girls Who Don’t Do Barbie

The OOTW Dolls by Blip Toys are fun, funky and different.  Girls will enjoy collecting the line of dolls and pets and when they get tired of playing in the real world, they can jump to the online  world of Girlaxy.  Parents will appreciate the $10 price point and a representation of girls that celebrates personality, differences and a refreshing funky flare.

More Information:

The Out Of This World (OOTW) Dolls from Blip Toys Retail for $9.95.  Click To Visit The OOTW Site

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