Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle Bring Peaceful Sleep to Children AND Parents

Twilight Turtle

Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle

For Moms and Dads, getting a good night sleep is a two part proposition.   Sure, you can have all your pillows just right, the temperature set perfect, the shades fully closed – but no matter how perfect you get your bedroom for sleeping, there is a second part to the sleep equation that must be solved…the children!  If you have young kids, getting the kids to have a peaceful night of sleep has to be Step 1 in your plan to get a restful night of sleep.

Today we look at two products from CloudB that promise to help your children sleep better – The Tranquil Turtle and The Twilight Constellation Night Light Sea Turtle.  These turtles become a night light and source of peace and calm when your children go to bed.  Of course, when the kids have a peacefully night of sleep, everything in the whole house runs much better!

Can A Turtle Be Your Child’s New Best Friend?

At first we had little interest in the Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle.  What is the big deal about a night light and sound machine, how interesting could it be?  Once we had a chance to play around with both turtles we realized these things were much more than a simple nightlight.

Let’s take a quick look at our video review of the Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle….

Still awake?  Those turtles are so relaxing, just watching the video can have you dreaming of being on a beautiful beach, far, far away.  Wait, don’t drift away yet, let’s take a closer look at each turtle.

The Tranquil Turtle by CloudB,  Like Living in The Ocean…Without Getting Wet

Tranquil Turtle

The Tranquil Turtle is the nightlight I wish they had when I was a kid.  As the video shows, press a button and the whole room is transformed into an ocean.  Want sound effects too?  Press a button and choose between ocean waves or a melody.  Like some motion in your ocean?  Press another button and the waves start moving.  After 23 minutes of lovely waves, the Tranquil Turtle will turn off.  If the little one is still awake, he or she can press the button again for 23 more minutes of soothing waves.

More Into The Stars Than The Sea?  Twilight Turtle is The Turtle for You

Twilight Turtle

Twilight Turtle is a wonderful nightlight that will not only allow your little ones to peacefully drift off to sleep, but it will also painlessly teach them about the constellations.  The Twilight Turtle projects 8 different constellations on your ceiling, in your choice of green, amber or blue.   It may be hard to see in the video, but the stars look incredible and it was fun to find the constellations with the kids.

The choice of different color projections is not just bling for your turtle.  Cloud-B did the research and found that different colors have the ability to relieve tension and promote relaxation.  Amber radiates good cheer, warmth and peace.  Blue encourages relaxation and sound sleep.  Green promotes healing and rejuvenation.  All sounds good to me, I wonder if you had three twilight turtles, one for each color, if you would be instantly super happy, healthy and fully relaxed?

Little Things Parents Will Love About Both Turtles

As a Dad, I loved the fact that batteries are included and installed with each turtle.  In addition, the turtles come out of the box in a second, no endless ties to undo.   I know it sounds minor, but I have come to love products that are super easy to take out and turn on.

The little books that come with each turtle are also great.  Both provide nice, simple stories and more information about turtles or the constellations.   I also love how portable the Turtles are – very easy to pack up and take on a vacation.  Kids often have trouble sleeping in a new setting, so bringing a piece of home is a great idea.

Conclusion: Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle Help The Whole Family Sleep Better

We usually look for things that can be improved when doing a product review, but there is very little we would change with the Tranquil Turtle or Twilight Turtle.  A minor change we would like to see is the ability to control how long they stay on before auto powering off.  Currently the sleep timer on the Twilight Turtle is 45 minutes and 23 minutes on the Tranquil Turtle.  That is a very minor point and overall we were very impressed with both turtles.  The turtles let the kids sleep better and that in turn means we sleep better, and the whole family is happier! Maybe that amber color on the Twilight Turtle is already working its magic on our family.

More Information:

Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight from Cloud B sells for about $26 on Amazon.Com

Tranquil Turtle Nightlight from Cloud B sells for about $43 on Amazon.Com

Learn More About the Tranquil Turtle and Twilight Turtle at the Cloud B website.

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