Our Guide To The Best Outdoor Toys for Summer Is Growing Like a Weed

Summer Heat

Summer Heat

It is hot – in some places, crazy, stinking hot!  Rain is hard to come by – much of the country has drought warnings.  With the high heat and low water, there are only two things that seem to flourish….weeds and our guide to the best Summer Toys of 2012!

The Guide to the Best Outdoor Toys for 2012 Just Got Better!

In case you missed it, we created a guide to the best summer and outdoor toys for 2012.  We understand that the key to a happy family for the summer is to have the kids playing outside all day, and not inside driving you crazy.  If you have not seen the Summer Toys Guide in a while, take another look, we have just added some great new additions.

It’s Wood, It’s Round and You Roll It…

There is something about rolling a wooden disc that just feels right.  One of our favorite new toys for outdoors is the Rollors game.   Rollors is sort of like bowling, bocce ball and horseshoes all in one.   Hop over to the guide and read about how rolling wood can make kids and parents happy this summer!

It’s A Ball, Its’ A Car… IT’S BALLISTIKS!

A great deal has changed since I was a kid, but thankfully some things have remained the same.  Kids still love to play with balls or Hot Wheels cars.  Now they can do both…at the same time…with the same toy!  Hot Wheels Ballistiks are a series of balls that transform into Hot Wheels cars when they hit the ground.  Read all about the Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault in our Summer Toy Guide.

Yes, There is More – It Is Just Too Hot to Keep Typing

We have added even more toys to the Summer Toy Guide, we are just too hot to keep typing.  So, if you are looking for some great toys for the kids this summer, hop over to our Summer Toy Guide 2012 and let the fun begin!

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